Best DVD software

So, I want to archive some pictures.

I’ve been to CNET and downloaded the best reviewed offerings, but they all crash eventually.

I’m careful to stay around 4gb so I know I have plenty of room so spare, but even then, I had one program tell me I didn’t have enough space on the disc.

I am trying to burn several thousand (small) files at one time, but I’m still within my 4gb limit.

What DVD creating software do you like? Extra points for it being free, although I suspect I’m getting what I pay for…

Erm…burning data files to a disc is something your computer should do natively. When you need to get special software is when you want to create a DVD-formatted movie disc, like to play as a movie in a DVD player.

What operating system do you use?

Windows 8.1, 64 bit. You would think it should be as easy as selecting files, and clicking “burn disc” in the menu, but even that just hangs.

Could it be that 7,000 small files is just too much for any software to handle? I don’t want to believe such a thing; it’s a new machine that should be equal to any task I give it.

That doesn’t sound right. The procedure should be to drag all the files to the DVD drive in Explorer (aka My Computer), then choose Burn Disk from there.

I know that may be what you meant, but I thought it also might be an indication that you are doing something wrong.