Best European Ski / snowboard resort at Christmas time?

What is your favourite European resort for skiing / snowboarding? And why is it so good?

I’m looking at booking a holiday for over New Year (between Christmas Hols and starting back in January). Where would / can you recommend at this particular time of year?
I have only been before to cheap resorts like in Bulgaria and Andorra, so know litlle about the ‘nice’ places. Help enlighten me, please.

Thanks all.

I know you are asking about Europe, but can I suggest Banff, Alberta (that’s in Canada folks). There are two major ski resorts and one minor one (one, Lake Louise is the largest in North America by some measures) that share a common lift ticket plus more resorts available by car/bus. Because the pound is so strong against the Canadian dollar it is cheap – even considering the airfare. I’m told by many Brits I’ve talked to that it is cheaper, nicer and emptier than the Alps.

Fly in to Calgary and stay in the town of Banff… I like the Inns of Banff or the Caribou Inn or the Ptarmigan Inn, or if you’re with a group, they have “condo-hotels” with apartments/kitchens, etc.

An organization called Skican books package trips at very reasonable rates (I don’t think they have 2003/4 prices up yet, but check.)

The tri-area pass resorts (all are accessible by free shuttle busses that stop in front of the hotels) are Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mt. Norquay, if you want to look them up online. There is a bus to Kicking Horse a few times a week, I want to say it was $70 CAN including lift ticket.


I’m sure that Banff is great, but this will be a 5/6 day trip squeezed in to suit everyones holidays and the flight to Banff is particularly long for such a short trip. Canada would be much more suited to a longer trip, 10-14 days at least, and we juct can’t all get that length of time off together.

I like to be able to leave in the early morning and be on the slopes by the same afternoon. That’s why I was looking for ‘local’ recommendations.

Aro, I am the last person to talk about skiing with, but thought I would offer you the alternative of Åre in northern Sweden.

From what I have understood, there are packages for all pockets, it is possible to do the whole thing very cheaply or expensively.
While in northern Sweden, you have to, have to check out:

They have their summer site up now, but you should be able to get an idea of what it is like.