Too early to start a 2018-19 ski thread?

I’m not much of a skier, tho my wife and I have been taking one nice ski trip each winter. I was hoping some of you skiers out there could answer some questions about Canada resorts.

We’re looking at Banff or Whistler/Blackcomb in the first week of Feb. I’m leaning towards Banff, just because the flight/drive would be considerably less from Chicago. If we go to Banff, Lake Louise or Sunshine? Is it going to be absolutely freezing that time of year? Is the snow much better at Sunshine?

To give you an idea of our interests, our last 2 trips were to Beaver Creek and Deer Valley. My wife really liked the lodging/amenities at Deer Valley. We both really enjoyed all of the wide open greens up at the top of Beaver Creek. She prefers greens and the easiest blues. I’m only slightly more adventurous. Sunshine looks like it has several really long greens. She prefers ski-in/out. I have no problem taking a shuttle. We have zero interest in night life. A significant appeal for her is the low altitude, as that tends to bother her. Any experience with the busses/shuttles from the airport?

We’d appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.

Nope, definitely not too early -


We were at Banff last year and I can answer your questions in the other thread to keep things cleaner.

Oops! Tried to search “ski”, but it is too short, and didn’t scroll down far enough.

Any mod - please feel free to close this. I reposted my queries.