Best excuse yet for keeping your kid home from school tomorrow "Obama might get shot"

God I do love the Eastern Shore!

I’m sure the writer did spend a lot of time mauling it over.


Sounds like the same kind of snivelling sour grapes (with the obligatory racial digs) we’ve been hearing from right wing pundits and blogs and message boards all week. The pretended anxiety about Obama possibly getting shot (something this author is probably secretly longing for) is original, but it’s pretty obvious that what really bothers her is the idea of her kid seeing an image of Obama which shows him in any kind of positive light, and which has not been filtered and altered by the paranoid righty propaganda machine. God forbid her kid get any kind of glimpse of reality.

I honestly am trying to understand some of the rhetoric (not the stuff in the OP, 'cause that’s just nutty weirdness) about “let’s not make a big deal out of this.”

'cause it IS a big deal.

Obama is the first non-white president in American history. How, in the name of all that’s holy, is this NOT a big deal?

Can people who didn’t vote for Obama really not understand that regardless of their antipathy toward him, this is an historic moment? Something that comes once in the lifetime of a COUNTRY, much less a person?

You gotta understand the media conditioning. To those who believe it, the man who will become President tomorrow is just a product that was promoted and sold - and not by any honestly profit-oriented merchant either, but by a manipulative do-gooder elite who (so they have been told) panders to divisive interests, affirmative action, and that hollowest of all hollow promises, “brotherhood.”

A combination of sour grapes, mistrust, and misunderstanding of the idea of being color blind. Oh, and maybe some concern that “the blacks” will riot if something happens to Obama. Fortunately we’re above such concerns around here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope like hell they televise the inauguration at my daughters school. She may not know what she is watching, but I’d like her to see it. I hadn’t really thought about it, but had I inquired prior and found out they weren’t showing it, I might have kept her home so she could see it.

People are dumb.

They probably broke a few fire codes wiring up my little school so the kids could watch it- if they didn’t, I was going to keep them home to make damned sure they saw it!

God, I hate teh stupid…

I never understand this, because I distinctly remember the teacher rolling in a TV so we could see inaugurations and other big events as far back as elementary school – which was probably even before this wingnut was born.

my elementary school showed all sorts of big events, from inaug.s to space shuttles. not so much the high school.

This really has nothing to do with the topic, but I can’t help recall the first flight of the space shuttle, back when I was a grad student. During the landing, the math department had a TV set up in the conference room to watch the landing. All these stodgy old math profs, some older than God, jumping up and down with excitement…