Oh NOEZ!!!1!!1! Obama to Give Socialist Indoctrination Talk to School Children!!!

The One, our fraudulaently elected non-Amrican Communist/Fascist Aruglua-eating, Ivy League, (Black), Muslim President is set to give an address/Socialist Indoctrination/voodoo curse to our Nation’s Schoolchildren next week!!!

Listen to this tripe:

Not only am I outraged but so is apparently the Florida GOP Chair, Jim Greer:

Well those of us who are rightfully outraged at this Hijacking of our children’s minds and souls are going to act/ From this email making the rounds:

Yeah, leave our kids alone! (If I had kids, which I don’t. But, still leave my kids alone!!!).

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You people are insane.

Bet he was equally agitated upon hearing that Preznit Bush was going to read “My Pet Goat” in a Florida classroom.

It was much better when Bush gave his addresses standing in front of a bank of military folks - including carefully positioned attractive women and minorities - in a aircraft hangers while wearing one of those don’t-I-look-youthful-and energetic puffy jackets.

All in all it’s just another prick with no balls.

Well played!

:mad: WTF??!! That’s not even socialist, that’s effin’ fascist! Fascist as Bob the Builder! :mad::mad::mad:

Oh, you mean the state supported (i.e. socialist) zoo? Where he can be indoctrinated by the enviro-fascists instead? I think not!

Jim Greer is a moron.

He is a moron. My kid already has the 8th off anyway for an in-service day so I guess I will have to indoctirnate her at home, myself.

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I move to Sweden and they have the revolution without me!


Where does this guy even get the idea that Obama is going to be talking about policy? Did I miss that? Looks like all he’s talking about is education.

Maybe we should give equal time to Ron Paul to indoctrinate them in Libertarianism. Win-win!

We-ell, you know, we all want to change the world! :wink:

Anything Obama does is ipso facto socialist in nature. That’s one of them there a priori truths. C’mon, everyone knows that!

sigh Why are so many conservatives still so oblivious to (or in denial of) how far leftward the political center-of-gravity in America has moved and is moving?

At this point, Obama is probably rather to the right of the center.

WTF I don’t speak French!

He might instead just be unwilling to believe that Republicans can raise kids who can stand up to the threat of Obamanation on their own.
Since Greer can’t stop the President form talking to young students, we’ll all get to see if Obama is a seductive as the right must think he is.
I’ll laugh out loud if this speech produces a new generation of Little Democrats in the sunshine state.