Best fix for shaving cuts

hey all

Just took off a pretty big beard and in the process took a little chunk of my chin with it! (exaggeration) How do i get rid of these small shaving cuts quickly :slight_smile:


Styptic pencil always did right by me when I used a blade. Beats toilet paper squares any day.

Warning! Styptic pencils work great - but they hurt like hell for a few seconds. If my cut wasn’t bleeding profusely, I would put a dab of shaving cream on it until is stopped. It’s not as fast but it’s not as painful.

Then, as a final solution, I grew my beard back.

Laser cautery.

Try a wet ice cube. It slows the bleeding and numbs the skin a little. Then use the styptic pencil.

A friend of mine worked as a sales rep for a range of pet care products; one of them was a styptic powder, designed for avian use (I think it was to stop bleeding in cases where birds have plucked their feathers or where their claws have accidentally been overtrimmed), he cut himself badly while shaving one morning and, on a whim, decided to use the powder; he said it was not only highly effective, but unlike a styptic pencil, it was totally painless.

Of course IANADoctor, so I wouldn’t dream of saying “Hey! use avian styptic powder, it’s great and it’s safe as houses”, because it’s an OTC treatment for animals and may not be subject to the same rigorous control as human medicines, and it may be safe for birds and less safe for humans because of some difference in our body chemistries.

Dunno if it’s the same chemical composition, but they do make a styptic powder for human use.

Wrap it in a t-shirt and let it bleed :smiley:

(OK, maybe this is more practical for cuts on your hands, arms, and legs than it is for cuts on your face or neck).

I’m reminded of when I was in JROTC, and we had to learn various Survival related stuff (ie: How to find out if a plant is edible, how to treat various kinds of injuries, identifying symptoms of various problems including starvation and dehydration and heat stroke, etc.) One of the last-resort methods for dealing with open bleeding is a tournequette, generally avoided if possible because it can lead to the limb being tied off requiring amputation later (which is usually still preferable to just bleeding to death from an arm or leg wound).

In bold print, several times, and at least once placed in it’s own bold-outlined box in the middle of a page in the section discussing tournequttes, we were instructed to NEVER use tournequites for neck wounds. We weren’t sure what was more saddening, that they thought they needed to remind us of something like that, or that they were probably correct.

Anyhow, I assume you know how to shave properly, but just in case nobody told you, if you want to avoid getting cut, make sure you make sure any skin passing over the blade is going ACROSS it and not ALONG it. Of course, I have the facial hair of a hobbit, so shaving is generally easier for me.

A good shave:

A bowl of extremely hot water
A towel
A Turkish chap with very hairy arms and a cuthroat razor
Best. Shave. Ever.

Epi 1:1000 applied liberally.

Oh, and did anyone else misread the topic as “Best fix for shaving cats”?

It wasn’t?

No. But I read it with an “n” in cuts. Made me do a double-take, that’s for sure.

Why are you shaving your cuts? :confused:

Agreed 100%.

Had a shave in Bodrum, Turkey, bloody fantastic

I didn’t need to shave for 3 days after that it ws so close.

shave in the shower, hang a small magnifying mirror on the head, use a little hair conditioner instead of cream, shower for a minute, shave and finish showering, by time you’re through, the bleeding will be too.
otherwise on JUST a shave, a dab of corn starch on the cut will do

A pinch of powdered cumin, half tblsp of basalmic vineger, salt to taste …

I don’t use regular powder (ie: baby powder or shower to shwer or whatever else is out there)
pure cornstarch works great

Old fashion, that. Not really necessary these days.