Best food in your city

I thought it would be interesting to list which restaurants do the best types of food in your city/town. So I live in London and, in my opinion, the best of each of the following types of food are found in the following restaurants. My qualifying criteria are that these places are not too difficult for the general public to get a table at relatively short notice and won’t cost you your entire travelling budget.

Fish And Chips: Poppies

Burger: Meat Liquor

Sunday Roast: The Gun, Docklands

Steak: Hawskmoor, Spitalfields; or Gaucho

Vietnamese: House Of Ho

Indian: Tayyabs (this is a BYO, so if you want to drink a beer or wine, buy from a shop or supermarket and bring it with you. Also expect to queue if you haven’t booked. And don’t expect great service.)

Caribbean (including large selections of rum): Cottons (although I’ve heard good things about The Rum Kitchen)

Korean: Asadal (I haven’t been to a lot of Korean places but I had a lot of fun here)

Special Mention: Boiler House Food Hall, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane on Sats and Suns

Pamplona, tapas: any place within 300m of Estafeta. For sweets, try Kopo, but be warned that it’s dangerous. My favorite restaurant is a tiny one hidden behind San Nicolás, called Catachu.

Tudela, tapas: José Luis or Aragón, but well, any place within 300m of El Muro should be ok. Or on Herrerías. 33 isn’t half bad. Trinquete is expensive but very much worth it (no tapas, that one is sitdown). Oh, and if it’s any of those “week of…” you can try to get some of the free samples from the big tent, but be warned it’s gonna be crowded.

Bilbao, tapas: any place within 300m of las Siete Calles. I tend to stay in the Hotel Jardines de Bilbao: the grocer across the street should be illegal, I swear you can get fat just from the scents escaping its door.

Vitoria, tapas: there has to be a bad one somewhere… I’m reasonably sure. Somewhere. Haven’t encountered it yet, but then, I haven’t spent a lot of time in Vitoria. I should go back and do some more sampling.

San Sebastián, tapas: that kilometer-long street that’s all bars. Or the other one behind it. You could also try over there…

Barcelona, tapas: all those places with the Basque names :stuck_out_tongue: except the ones that are chains. Avoid the area around Santa María del Mar, it’s full of tourists and silly expensive. I liked the Vietnamese Capitol, but I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert on Vietnamese cuisine; I certainly haven’t had time to try the hundreds of bars and restaurants in town.

Seville, tapas: Calle de las Sierpes. Wear your elbows at the ready, some of those bars are so crowded you could think the food is free (it’s not).

Damnit, I’d kill for a pincho de tortilla right now… excuse me, I have to go cook dinner.