Best Free Browser?

To put it mildly, I am fed up with both Netscape and Explorer, and I don’t need or use all their bells and whistles. What is the best browser I can get for free off the internet?

Opera is the only one I know of.

If you happen to be on a Mac, go get iCab ( It rocks. (Actually, though it’s still in development and is lacking a few features, like JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets… and when it’s done it will cost $30. But it will be well worth it.)

Opera is NOT free. Or wasn’t when I looked at it.

try browser link, because I don’t know what type of computer you have Jean.

I have a PC, and I downloaded a “shareware” Opera only to find that I will have to pay for it at the end of 30 days. I got it from, but I’ll go back to see what else they have. Thanks.

Jesse Berst’s Anchordesk at ZDNet just did a review of alternative browsers to IE and Netscape. Here’s the link:,10738,2625615,00.html

Personally, I love Opera.

I had written the source code for a free 'Net browser of my own, and in my experiences, it rocked. It was perfect. I got every single bug out of it, then I deliberately put in more bugs to get rid of those, too. I checked it with hundreds upon hundreds of web sites, under dozens of difficult, bizarre working conditions. Everything came out in the green. No glitches. No crashes. Excellent speed.

Then Bill Gates broke into my house and beat me over the head with a wiffle bat, then he had his goons smash my computer, destroying my perfect web browser. Then he laughed at me. That meanie. ::sobs::

You could try Mozilla. It’s the basis for the next Netscape, but without all the crap.

Though still under development, it is quite nice. Be sure to report any bugs that you do find, so that they can get fixed.

I couldn’t live without all the bells and whistles!

I really loved NeoPlanet over IE4, and I had collected 40 skins and looked for more every week.

But when IE5 came out with automatic formfill and password entry, I just couldn’t use Neoplanet anymore. And now that IE5.5 has “header wallpaper”, I don’t even miss NeoPlanet.

Thanks for the responses. I went back and downloaded Mozilla; haven’t installed it yet, though.

And Tropical, I am very high maintenance, so you’d think I’d love all bells and whistles in the Top Two Browsers. But I find that I only use the main buttons and the bookmark feature. And if having a skeletal browser means I don’t have to reboot every 45 minutes when my current browsers lock up my computer, I’m all for it.

So, what is the consensus on the best free browser out there nowadays?

I presume you’ve bumped this thread with the genuine reason of asking that question…

Mozilla is now a helluva powerful beast - so much so that Thunderbird, the standalone browser, has been released separately. I can’t see anything else free comparing with it (and no, I don’t regard the advert-funded version of Opera to be free)

Yes, I did. I’ve heard of a browser called Firefox, is that Mozilla’s latest?

:smack: That’s the one. Thunderbird is the Email client. :smack:
All available at

Another vote for Mozilla. I use it on the PC and Mac at work, and on my Mac at home.

If/when Firefox (which is Mozilla without mail/chat/etc) will let me ignore animations, I’ll consider switching again.

Mozilla’s advantages include: tabbed browsing, no pop-ups, and no animations. I want a browser, not a cartoon!

Firefox is not just the browser from the Mozilla suite. The Mozilla brower and Firefox are seperate, distinct programs.

My vote is for Mozilla.

Perhaps we’re saying the same thing differently, Revtim. calls Firefox “Mozilla’s next generation browser” – and I meant to imply that it was Mozilla without the frills of mail/chat/etc.

I use Eudora Pro as a mailer on the work PC, and Mac’s mail at home. So I want a browser sans frills – but Firefox’s browser isn’t quite there yet. YMMV.

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