Best Free Ebook reader for my Palm?

I currently use the basic version of E-reader on my Palm Tungsten T. While I have no particular gripes with it, I can’t help wondering whether there’s anything else out there that will do the job better or offer more features. My only caveat is that is has to be free - any suggestions? Anyone using anything they particularly recommend?

Actually, I’d say for free, Ereader rocks the hell out! They even have a free book creator - at least, I think it’s still posted on their website - which is a bit weird to use, but very good.

The only other e-reader software I use regularly is isilo, which does have a crippleware free version. The paid version is something like $20 us for palm, which isn’t bad at all.

Actually, I think you might do well to check isilo out anyway. From what I can remember, the main feature that gets crippled away is following hyperlinks - so if you set your books up in such a way that they’re just one long document it does fine.

What features are you interested in that ereader doesn’t do well? That might give a better indication of what you might find more suitable.

Apart from iSilo and eReader, other ebook readers that are either free or have a free version are:

TiBr - Free version

Mobipocket - Free

Palmfiction - Free.