Palm ebooks

What palm pilot app will read PDB ebooks?

This should be in GQ, but…

What you need is a document reader for the Palm OS.

I recommend iSilo from

You might also want to try out some other popular readers:

Here’s an exhaustive list of readers :

And for Palm e-books, check out

You won’t need so many readers. One should do just fine. Go with iSilo.

I use one called SmartDoc. I downloaded it several years ago, so I have no idea where to find it. Probably or

Hey, if seven apps ain’t a humble opinion, I don’t know what is! :slight_smile:


I suggest you try CSpotrun.

Also, if you’re looking for e-books, try Fictionwise or Embiid


Some ebook vendors are going to secure readers, e.g. Mobipocket. Peanut Press (aka Palm Digital Media) requires you to input the credit card number you used to buy the book to open the ebook. That works if you use the Palm Reader software available on their website. I don’t know if it will work with other readers or not.