Palm OS question

I have a friend who likes to download stuff to his Palm and read it. However, he is not the most technically inclined person and sometimes gets stupid thoughts lodged into his brain and refuses to let them go. He currently uses some priority format that he got the reader for free, but they have few free e-books available (perhaps I should also point out that Ted is cheap).

I sent him the link to the Project Gutenberg web site but he claims that Palms cannot read .txt files.

I know next to nothing about Palms, but it seems to me that it should be able to read a text file or Hotsync should convert it. (He’s using Palm 4.1 on a Sony, if that helps).
At any rate, if anyone could tell me how to put a text file on a Palm, I’d be grateful.

There are a few ways. For my Project Gutenberg books, I use iSilo. The instructions that come with the program should tell you everything you need to know to get the files onto the Palm in the proper format and way. iSilo can also save webpage archives for offline reading, which I find handy for some funny movie review sites I frequent.

I read text files in my Palm all the time. I never bothered to find an app to enable this. I just cut-and-paste the text into a Palm memo using the desktop app. The size of a memo is limited, but if you paste too much text, it automatically creates multiple numbered memos which makes it easy to keep track of how much you’ve read. I guess it’s not very slick to cut-and-paste the text rather than just loading the TXT file directly, but since I read very large documents, I don’t end up doing this very often and it was never enough trouble to bother finding another way.

There are any number of freeware document and text file readers/editors for the PalmOS platform links to a good selection of them may be found here.

The fundamental problem is the PalmOS doesn’t have files - it has databases. So a text file needs to be converted in order to be read on the Palm. I’m currently reading Origin of Species on my Palm, using the Mobipocket reader, and I’m very happy with it. . They sell e-books, but the program comes with a converter that easily converts Project Gutenberg (or any text) files to PalmOS databases that it can handle, and the reader is free.

That’s true of documents stored in the Palm’s internal memory, however, a lot of applications are quite happy to handle discrete files (often of standard types such as txt, jpeg, wav etc) on the expansion card (if the device is equipped with one).

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I hate to nit pick, but I hate neglecting fixable problems even more.