Best free "notes" app for Windows & Android?

So, I have a Windows 10 laptop and a Galaxy S5 Active. Soon an Android tablet (haven’t decided which one yet) will join the ‘family’. What I seek is a “notes” application that runs on Windows 10 and Android, where I can keep a synchronized “note pad” that I can access on all my devices, preferably one that does so through logging in with my Google account. Bonus if I can “sticky” notes to a tile on my mobile devices and to my desktop on the computer.

Anyone have any good suggestions?

OneNote for the Microsoft solution, Google Keep for the Google offering, EverNote for the third-party offering. They’re all cross-platform and cloudy.

Also - they all have free versions of varying abilities. Check it out. If you have Windows 10, the free OneNote app might already be installed.

OneNote’s free version (my personal fav) is full featured but if you happen to subscribe to Office 365, there’s a slightly different version that comes with better integration with the other Office products.

I use Evernote, and was about to recommend it, on on re-reading the OP it seems you’ll have three devices once you get the tablet. The free version of Evernote has recently been limited to two devices only.

OneNote is pretty good as well. The difference between them is in how you organise your notes. OneNote encourages a hierarchy of notebook > folder > page, whereas Evernote works best if you don’t have a hierarchy and use their extensive tagging system instead.
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