What is the best note taking program?

Hi all, this is my first post here, but I’m a long time reader.

Here is my quandary:

I am studying to become a professional derivatives trader in the market, but I do not have an efficient note taking strategy/computer program. I currently use “Microsoft OneNote”, but I feel like there just has to be a better program out there.

The main feature I’m looking for is a “find” or “search” function, where I can easily recall stored data. I’m not sure if there is such a program out there, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


What did you find insufficient about the Find in OneNote?

Honestly, to this question I’d always answer “OneNote” but you took that option off the table, heh.

I use OneNote and find it is very feature-rich. I use Find all the time. I have a convertible tablet/laptop with Windows handwriting recognition so it can even search my handwriting. Best note taker for a PC I’ve seen. If you’re talking iPad then I’m not sure what would be best for you.

Evernote is often mentioned as an alternative to OneNote.

But I usually take handwritten notes on a tablet PC, and OneNote works better for this purpose.

I use Evernote. I like that it’s free. Maybe OneNote is too, not sure. It syncs up flawlessly with my smartphone and creates separate folders when there are conflicts.

My one complaint is that it doesn’t have a calendar feature and doesn’t seem to integrate with any web calendars like google, but then I haven’t really looked into it thoroughly either.

It also gives you the option to paste stuff from web pages either as formatted or as flat text. I always forget though and the default is ‘as formatted.’

No, OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office suite. I think it’s currently only available on Windows. (Well, there are Android and iOS versions but last time I checked, they had very limited capabilities.)

Is this a trick question? What is better than OneNote? There may be stuff that’s equivalent or more or less the same, but something markedly better? I don’t think so. And now that you can synch via SkyDrive with as many devices as you want.

what version on OneNote are you using? Maybe it’s outdated?

Are you aware that OneNote can search across all your pages (or all your notebooks, if you prefer) – including recognizing speech and writing in images? How does Find get much better than that?