Best GameBoy for a 4 year old?

Okay, I’m in my thirties, but I wanna get a GameBoy. I’m certain that my little guy will want to cut into some of my playing time, especially during my upcoming road trip to Colorado.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the easiest GameBoy game?

I recommend the GameBoy SP. It’s the latest model and the only one to have a backlight, so you can actually see what you’re playing in less than ideal lighting situations. The GameBoy SP (which is an improved version of 2001’s GameBoy Advance) can also play every GameBoy game to date, including the original Tetris from 1989.

It can be found in virtually every electronic retailer for $99. Have fun!

Oh, and it’s a pretty easy system to get used to as well. There’s only 4 buttons :slight_smile:

Go to your local Game Stop and see what they might have for your little guy.
There are some cute Loony Tunes and Muppets games out there, I would just stress to purchase headphones.

Upon re-reading, it seems you wanted suggestions for games, not systems, my bad :wink: