Buying the kid a GameBoy-

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Dad and I are breaking down and buying MissTake a GameBoy color. She never stated she wanted one (in fact, said they were BOYS toys), but she has changed her mind.

The problem is-I don’t know what games to get her!

She’s not into Puke-mon, Yu-Gi-Oh! or stuff like that.

So, dearest Dopers, what games would you buy for a pre-pre-teen girl?

(I am truly clueless, and for the cost of the games, I don’t want to buy some that suck rocks)

May I suggest getting the Gameboy Advance instead? It plays all the original Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, plus a much improved library of new games.

Does she like Mary Kate and Ashley? Britney Spears? There are games based on them. you may also look at some reviews on or to see how some of the games rank.

If it’s the GBA, get Mario Kart. Great fun for all ages.

Are we talking a GameBoy Color, or the new GameBoy Advance?

either way, there are numerous generic platformers/racers/puzzlers that don’t rely on you liking one particular tv-show.

Why not invest in a gameboy magazine, or check out a few websites for high-rated games? is a good UK-based games site, which I use quite often. It also has customer reviews for many games, so you can get an idea of value.

We’re going GameBoy color–
He can get them for a song ($25.00), but he can’t keep the advanced in and doesn’t think he’ll get any more in before X-Mas.
And truth to tell, I don’t wanna plunk a TON of green down for something a year from now will be in the bottom of her dresser drawer.

Thank you Shadow-will check that site out

I’ve seen GBA’s for 45 bucks on sale. I would also recommend same with one caveat.

There is a company that makes an internal light for the GBA, I would go to Ebay look for one already installed and buy that unit.

The GBA NEEDS this backlit screen, my son has one and it is so hard to see except under the most optimal lighting conditions which are hard to come by. I got him an accesory pack with a light/cover that helps but it is by no means optimal. I’ve seen the backlit screens and they are truly phenomenal, you can use it anywhere with no glare at all.

OK OK, I get the hint. Get a GBA.

BUT, I haven’t been able to find one for less than $50.00, and I do not want to spend that kind of money.

The only reason we’re buying her a GBC is because dad can get them so cheap (I am SO glad he works at a pawn shop!).

SO, back to original question- What are good GBC games for pre-pre teen girls?

Tetris Tetris Tetris Tetris

My 11 year old daughter has a GB. Enjoys almost anything with Mario.

Tetris, and Kirby’s Dreamlad (old GB game). I would have said Kirby’s Nightmare in Dreamland, which is new, but I haven’t played it yet.

Kirby fun.

Nintendo’s games list:

Oh yes, definitely Kirby as well. my kids love that - thanks Audrey.

Gift certificates… let her decide. (With your approval of course!):slight_smile:

Syl - Who’s gameboy is 14 or 15 years old and still works great!

Pokemon really is a great game. I’m no fan of the cartoons, but the game is terrific.

How about the basic Mario or Kurby,? Depending on age there is also Harry potter and Rugrats.

The latter chronicles Kirby’s search for a plucky young sidekick? :wink:

Hush! He’s my favorite!

Donkey Kong for the original game boy is the greatest game boy game every produced. Sure, it’s monocrome (the GBC adds color to all the older games, but they don’t look as good as the GBC originals), but it takes the basic Donkey Kong concept and does it as good as it possibly could be done–this is the best Donkey Kong game ever made, bar none. There are dozens of levels, each a single scrolling screen, in which the on screen character has to retrieve a bunch of objects while navigating through a maze of obstacles and hazards. I played mine for months when I got it.

If you find some games you think your daughter will be interested in, but want to know if they are piles of garbage or not, take a peek at this website:

It doesn’t have all gameboy games because the site hasn’t been around that long, but it does have a lot of them listed, with links to reviews and other information.

Dad picked up Donkey Kong and Tetris.
I handed him a list of other ideas (Kirby, Toki Tori, a few GACK Mary Kate and Ashley)-he’s looking to see if they have them.

When he looked at the list, he saw MicroMachines… “OK, just WHO is THIS for?”

If anything, EBay and Funcoland–here I come after the holidays.

The Harry Potter and Zelda games are fun if she likes RPGs.