Best games to play on a computer with a console-style controller

I just bought a USB controller today that looks a lot like a PS2 controller. Can you guys please recommend me some good games to play with it?

The cheaper the better, and multi-player is also a plus. Thanks.

You could always try Super Squirrel, a game I helped make two years ago. It should support your controller.

Emulation, especially Metal Slug for NEO-GEO.

Eh, those games are novel for maybe a short time, but I spent SO MANY hours playing those 2-D scrollers and fighters growing up that it’s just hard for me to get excited about them any more. Metal Slug in particular we had in a Pizza Shop that I worked in throughout high school and college, so that one is definitely out of the question.

I doubt I’ve put solid hours into more than 10 or 12 video games since about 1999 or so, so anything between then and now is ideal.

How about Cave Story, a neat little Metroid-esque action-adventure.

(Despite the site’s name, Cave Story is a freeware pc game and is not a rom rip of any console game.)

Computer-console gaming is all about getting Nestopia, ZSNES, etc and emulating older systems, but with pretty new 2xSAI video filtering

you could try N… It’s freeware, and is a whole lot more fun using a controller.

whoops, I meant to add that I know the people who made N (they live right here in Toronto!), which is part of the reason I recommended it. (The other part is that it’s an f’n addictive game. ;))

Go get all the SNES,Genesis, NES, NEOGEO emulators. Download all the ROMS to the games you currently “own” for those systems. Play to your heart’s content

When I bought a nifty little USB adapter that lets you plug a real Playstation 2 computer into your computer, I tried MAME and GTA San Andreas. Both worked well. There really aren’t a lot of popular PC games that benefit from a console-style controller. My conclusion was consoles have their job (action/arcade games) and computers have theirs (RTS, strategy, first-person shooters.)

That first sentence should of course read “Playstation 2 CONTROLLER”…

Prince of Persia 1,2,3 (especially 1 and 3)

Metal Gear Solid 2 (It is still SO good. You must play it)

Final Fantasy XI (if you’re into MMORPGS and like the FF series and have lots of free time)

GTA is infinitly better to drive with a ps controler, I found a few missions that needed the mouse but for the most part the game was a blast with a joystick vrs mouse.

I could kick your butt using the arrow keys and control for the handbrake. :smiley:

The Two Thrones?

Could I play Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Siege 2, or any similar games with the controller?

I second Cave Story, it’s diabolically hard in the later stages and so easier with a controller.

Does anyone know the answer to this?
Thanks for all the responses so far!