Best Helath Care System in the World

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What country has the best health care system? Where does the US rate? What criteria are used to judge health care systems?

You have to know by asking for a “best” system that the answer is gonna be subjective. I mean, some may say that the UK or Germany has a “better” health care system because they tend to take care of a larger percentage of the population. After all, everyone is covered in those countries, either by publi cor private insurance. On the other hand, the US is generally the place to be if you need a specialist or some high-tech “gee whiz” health care. So which is better?

I found this but I don’t know how accurate it is.

      • Well, that’s what we were going to ask you. If you measured it as a regular consumer product, then you would seek to detirmine which country allows you to pay your own money for any medical procedure or drug you want. If you want to consider it as a “basic human right”, then you would want to detirmine which countries deliver the best health care regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

…The reason it becomes a great debate so often is the drastic differences in levels of medical service you will generally see in these two different types of countries. The first sort of places charge a lot, but there’s usually an endless supply. The second places charge “nothing”, but their services and procedures are usually far more limited.

You could make a plot of health care “quality” vs relative income level for different countries and compare it in this manner. Countries like the US would have very sharply steeped curves while more socialist countries would have flatter curves. Ostensibly, countries like canada would have completely flat curves since private helth-care is banned.

Now, what is undoutably true is that the highest point on the US curve is higher than the highest point of any other curve but the lowest portion on the US curve is also significantly lower than most other 1st world countries.

This doesn’t belong in GQ – GD is the answer. That being said, I would tend to think that one measure for the “Best” health care system in the world would be one that has the best/most available preventative medical care.

I come from a Medical family and they tend to think that socialized medicine is anathema because they get screwed at the bank. We might have (in the US) some of the best medical care in the world, but it is certainly on a pay as you go basis. The absence of preventative care to the uninsured means that as a whole, medical care in the US (IMHO) precludes us from the top.

MD’s feel free to invite me to the pit. This is a GD or IMHO question as written and I am answering as such.

Depending on what you consider best (e.g. longest life, longest healthy life, or most resources in direct health care), you can find your answer in schedule 1, 4 or 5 of the WHO 2002 report: