Best hippie music of all time

Ooops. What about:

Keep on Trucking
Feeling Groovy
Another Brick in the Wall

White Bird by * It’s a Beautiful Day. *

Gotta be Spill the Wine

Crimson & Clover- Tommy James and the Shondells

Wow, I remember that song but bet I haven’t heard it in 15 or 20 years. Glad you did!

Oooh! How did I forget Feeling Groovy? Thanks, Annie.

How about:[ul]
[li]I Am the Walrus by the Beatles[/li][li]Mr. Tambourine Man by the Byrds[/li][li]Sunshine of Your Love by Cream[/li][li]Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw by Jimmy Buffet[/li][/ul]

I know, that last one doesn’t really fit, but what the heck…

When I get this list done, I’m going to have to get me a lava lamp and some blacklight posters before I can listen to it. And maybe put Wizard of Oz on the TV with the sound turned off.

Why doesn’t Netflix have Hair available for streaming? Humph!

“Something in the Air” by Thunderclap Newman

Yeah, a lot of good songs have been mentioned here, but this is the first song I think of when I think hippie music.

California Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas

Within You, Without You by the Beatles

Another one by The Youngbloods: Get Together

Let’s Get Together - Jefferson Airplane - Signe’s phrasing of her verse is absolutely sublime. Far superior to the Youngbloods version, IMO.

Pride of Man, Fresh Air, Mona - Quicksilver Messenger Service

Trip, Stumble and Fall - Mamas & Papas

the Byrds:
Eight Miles High

the Mamas & the Papa:
California Dreamin’
Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Comin’ to the Canyon)

Mama Cass (solo):
Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By

the Beach Boys:
Good Vibrations

the Beatles:
She Said She Said
Tomorrow Never Knows
Strawberry Fields Forever
Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
Revolution #9

Wear Your Love Like Heaven

I Feel Free
Sunshine of Your Love

Fairport Convention:
Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

the Jimi Hendrix Experience:
Third Stone From the Sun
Are You Experienced?
Little Wing
If 6 Was 9

Jefferson Airplane:
White Rabbit
the Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil
Spare Chaynge
If You Feel
Wooden Ships

Grace Slick & the Great Society:
Sally Go Round the Roses

Grateful Dead:
Saint Stephen
China Cat Sunflower
Not Fade Away / Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad

Big Brother & the Holding Co.:
Down On Me

Janis Joplin solo:
Me & Bobby McGee

Quicksilver (Messenger Service):
Pride of Man
Fresh Air

It’s a Beautiful Day:
White Bird

Soul Sacrifice

Joni Mitchell:
Both Sides Now
Chelsea Morning
Big Yellow Taxi

the Doors:
the End
People Are Strange

I Got a Line on You Babe

You Set the Scene

Sun Ra:
Space Is the Place

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (or any grouping of member of the four):
Long Time Gone
Carry On
Almost Cut My Hair
Love the One You’re With

Eric Burdon & War:
Spill the Wine

Hot Tuna:
the Water Song
Keep On Truckin’

And for (relatively) more contemporary songs, you can throw in:

Michael Hedges:

Indigo Girls:
Closer to Fine

Ani Difranco:
Out of Range

Ozric Tentacles:

Just recalling that song caused an acid flashback…and I’ve never taken acid!

The Nazz - Open My Eyes

Hippies, in a field, with a bunch of long-haired hippie chicks!

Dandelion - Rolling Stones

I’ll emphatically second “Incense and Peppermints,” “Ripple”, and “Mr. Tambourine Man”

Since “Truckin’” is kind of cliche, I’ll say “Sugar Magnolia”.
And the list needs at least one Traffic/Blind Faith song. “Can’t Find My Way Home”, maybe?

No post-1970 hippie soundtrack would be complete without either “No Woman, No Cry”, “Trenchtown Rock”, or maybe “Legalize It”

For neo-hippie, well, Phish or Dave Matthews are the obvious choices. Don’t know the right songs, though. Maybe Blues Traveller for the early 90’s fratboy/hippie crossover (along with the Dead’s “Touch of Grey”).

Itchycoo Park - Small Faces
Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks

That’s what I came in here to put. Every time this hippy lady I know grinds my gears so stands me up, I’ve come to sing this song in jest. I can only do it because I already do a sick Kermit D. Frog impression. :smiley:

this is a difficult question to answer. if people played 45s then you would think songs. if people played LPs then you think sides. people would put a stack on the changer and play sides, if you had dupes of an LP you could play both sides without getting up to flip it (a feature in a hippie household being immersed in music).

LPs were designed as sides or suites. you got used to the side as a whole.

like with Young, you expected

Cinnamon Girl –> Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere –>Round & Round-> Down by the River


The Losing End –> Running Dry –>Cowgirl in the Sand
like with the Dead, you expected

That’s It for the Other One –> New Potato Caboose –> Born Cross-Eyed


Alligator –> Caution

like with Tull you expected

Thick as a Brick


Thick as a Brick
if it didn’t happen like that holes were ripped into space/time

in the period of the 60s ('65 through '74, good 60s music existed after then though it was from groups already major in those years) there was a large amount of major groups who had a number of albums each (it must have been something back then). generally solid albums without weak songs and an output without weak albums. also being a music centered culture people enjoyed six to ten groups.

so i would agree with 90% of the songs mentioned so far as worth rattling the windows with.
to suggest another one.

Terrapin from Terrapin Station

good music has been made since the sixties, though a much different style and quality. though a number of groups have become popular in recent decades who have looked to the 60s for influence and style.

Hot Smoke and Sassafras by Bubble Puppy

If you are a Mike Bloomfield fan you must have Super Session. Al Cooper, (not Alice), Steven Stills and Mike Bloomfield in a studio album. It’s one of my favorites.

But if you want to recall being a real hippie, you need to get yourself some Goose Creek Symphony.