Best idea. Period.

transient hahaha, that was funny.

Uhmm… you were probably kidding, but I’m wondering if that’d be a viable idea…

I have Raynaud’s disease, and having 12 hours of portable heat at ready in my back-pack might prevent necrosis in my fingers if I found myself unable to get somewhere warm for an extended period of time.

They used to sell chemically-activated handwarmers called “Hotshots” in past decades, which I’ve looked high-and-low for.

Ah, who am I kidding? I’d probably let my fingers drop off before I walked into a drugstore and bought “feminine products.” Besides, I can always stay inside until the middle of June.

The wheel. There was quite a dry spell between the inventions of it and sliced bread.

I believe they sell these in various sizes and shapes. I know I’ve seen them in the pharmacy department at Wal-Mart. So you probably wouldn’t have to embarrass yourself.

Or maybe you could just find a helpful female friend??

Damn, they were out of free samples. Sounds like a good idea to me. If the SO is feeling a little cool (hmm…) apply heat therapy :wink:

“…different shapes and sizes” :confused:

are you sure you’re talking about pads now?

::: insert obligatory hot dog roll joke here :::

Jeez, I just got the thread title now.

Is my face red?

Holy mackerel, I want some of those.

Actually, I remember seeing on TV recently that there’s supposed to be a “vibrating heating insert” type tampon-like product coming out soon.

I REALLY want one of those.

A lot.
Anyone know anything about them???

No really. A whole lot.

Toilet Paper.

So much for flood control.

On that note, Cajun Man, I’m going to bed.

Smartassed mods & their clever-context IT humour.

Try it at a mountaineering/hiking store. They have them for gloves and shoes, at least in Europe. Though I´ve found them in pharmacies, too. Can´t remember the brand name, but I´m pretty sure they were from the US. Some sort of coal+something mixture, quite innocuous.
(Haven´t had to use them for a while because my Raynaud´s is nearly gone due to bio-feedback therapy.)

Of course, you could always get that playtex stuff and say it was for your girlfried/wife who´s feeling so bad she can´t go buy them herself…

Do you think that Cajun Man intended the pun? And I want to say, that this may be the first time that the elusive quadruple post has been pulled off in live competition! Does CuriousCanuck enter the record books?

Back to the OP: How does the Playtex thing differ from Thermacare? Are they built in to your underwear somehow?

Don’t forget the web, folks.

I have a pinback that says, “The web isn’t better than sex but sliced bread is in serious trouble.”

Admit it. We’re all addicted.

That’s a point. They do look like they do pretty much the same thing - except the Thermacare website says that their product gives 8 hours of pain relief; the Playtex product claims 12 hours. Any testers?

Oh, and I guess alcohol would be a close second for the best idea. Is there anything it can’t do? :smiley:

More seriously, some wine and heat therapy would be a fabulous cure for cramps, IMHO.

The 2010-year-old man said Liquid Prell was the best invention ever. And I believe him.

Irregardless of the fact that I am female, I must heartily agree with krisolov.

There is nothing better than a properly pulled pint of the black stuff.

Ireland, I miss ye! -sniff-

(I don’t go in for that “women drink half-pints” crap. Gimme a tall one!)

Hey Larry, my folks sent me a couple of those for Xmas. They must think it’s cold or something in Vancouver…
They’re yours if you want 'em.

Wouldn’t Playtex VIBRATING Heat Therapy be an even better idea?

I have tried both Playtex and Thermacare. They both work but the Thermacare got warmer than the Playtex so I liked it a little better. Playtex did last a little longer and was less expensive when I tried them. They both have adhesive to stick to your underwear so you can position them where you need it most.