Inventions That Are Long Overdue

I’m surprised that in 2020, we still don’t have…

A lightweight portable refrigerator that is around the size of a regular backpack, runs on a battery, and is easily affordable to the average household.

What sort of gadget (that seems technically feasible) do you think the world should have come up with already?

Already decades ago I witnessed a guy install a thermoelectric mini-fridge in a VW Kombi. :slight_smile:

Why do you think there would be demand for this? Are you literally talking about something that you could comfortably carry for longer distances on your back? Or something more like a cooler box that actively cools?

Cat sized elephants. I’d love to have couple in my backyard.

I have an older version of this. Keeps 4 bottles of water nice and cold.

How about these guys? Strangely, it turns out they are more closely related to elephants than to shrews.

I’d like to see an invention that modernizes drying after a shower. We’ve used towels forever.

I’d rather have elephant sized cats. Just think of that snuggly warmth!

I know this might end badly.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen anyone who had one of those hot-air hand dryers in thier home. Or wanted one.

I immediately thought of these

but I’m not sure they would appreciate being kept indoors.

Easy, just scale up those Dyson hand dryers.

My grandmother had something similar to this in her bathrooms when I was young:

One of them was probably 3 feet tall, with a single long resistance coil going the full length, and all recessed into 50-year old drywall. It was scary at the time, and terrifying in retrospect, but when you’ve just got out of the shower having that much heat radiate directly onto your body definitely feels luxurious.

I’d like a button on the TV you can push and the remote starts beeping.

I wish there was an effective, cheap and durable device against mosquitoes that killed no other bugs.

Nope. I want a dramatic innovation. A new way to dry.

I like that idea, but I’d prefer the button to be on the remote, so that I wouldn’t have to get off my couch to go to the TV.

Scale up the toaster in your kitchen. I suggest you start on the 1 or 2 setting at first.

I love the concept of inventions that were both transformative, and behind the times. Think of wheeled luggage. How long were we using those stupid dog on a leash designed suitcases before someone figured out to put the damn wheels on the luggage itself. There’s gotta be something else like that out there waiting to be invented.

Geez, if you walked through one of those things you would lose skin. And be deaf.

Ok, how about a scaled up Dyson hand dryer with giant speakers that play Ride of the Valkyries?

No!!! I want a paradigm shift.