Best Metallica power ballad of all?

Pretty self explanatory: What, in your opinion, is Metallica’s single greatest power ballad of all time?

Here are links to all the songs listed, to help you decide:

[li]Fade to Black[/li][li]Welcome Home (Sanitarium)[/li][li]One[/li][li]The Unforgiven[/li][li]Nothing Else Matters[/li][li]Until It Sleeps[/li][li]Hero of the Day[/li][li]Bleeding Me[/li][li]Mama Said[/li][li]The Unforgiven II[/li][li]Low Man’s Lyric[/li][li]The Day That Never Comes[/li][li]The Unforgiven III[/li][/ul]

Whisper things into my brain, assuring me that I’m insane… God I love that song.

It is so totally great.
Also, I had a stripper tell me that it is the one that most of her patrons chose when they had a choice for a lap dance, because it was the longest on the jukebox. Actually, tho, it is almost the exact same length as unforgiven.

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A tough choice: (Welcome Home) Sanitarium is excellent; I’ve always been partial to The Unforgiven; One gives me goosebumps. I went for Hero of the Day because my best friend and I used to love it and listen to it a lot when we were teenagers so it has good memories for me.

Did they really do songs “The Unforgiven II” and “The Unforgiven III?” Yikes…

I’m probably gonna pick Sanitarium, but maybe Fade to Black - I have to ponder.


And what sexy lyrics! Perfect for a lap dance. :eek:

Both songs I debated had 0 votes, and my lone vote is the only one for Low Man’s Lyric. It was between that and Mama Said for me. Both really great songs IMO and ones very few people have heard.