Best Method To Get Rid Of A Zit or Pimple

I never used to have this problem but every now and then I’ll get a lone zit on my face. They’ll start off as a red mark, then grow into a pimple. I hate these things! What is the quickest and best way to get rid of these things?

In the past, I’ve used “On-The-Spot” by Neutragena, but that leaves “burn” marks on my face.

Any recommendations?


I’m a big fan of ice packs. If you catch a zit early enough, you can often totally discourage it! This works best on those deep below the skin cysts.

Ice early, heat later.

Is a zit similar to a sty? I once got a sty and cured it within a day by applying cloths soaked in very hot water. Might work on a zit too, as they’re both caused by bacteria.

Avoid squeezing or poking at it, unless it has a good white head on it that will clear out with one good squeeze. You may have to wait for this to develop.

I’ve had them subside and fade away if I can just resist messing with them.

Also, toothpaste overnight sometimes shrinks it.

I read on this board once that some folks put a piece of bacon fat on it overnight. It doesn’t make it disappear, on the contrary, it makes it into a nice big white head. A nice localized infection is the beginning of the end for zits.

I always apply a Q-tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol on it. Kills it dead usually in one day.

If you need a quick cover-up, get this in green. Apply to redness and blend (the green cancels out the red). If needed, dab a little bit of concealer in your color over that. Blend.

I third carefully icing it as soon as you notice it. If you put heat on it you will make it worse. By the time it’s a zit, bacteria isn’t the problem any more so anything antibacterial won’t do much for it and heat will only increase the bloodflow and make it redder and ickier. Icing it and putting on something to dry it out like dabbing something with sulpher like clearasil or something with alcohol will help dry it out and heal faster. Don’t try to get anything out unless it looks like something is about to come out anyway. One wrong move and you will make it worse.

I find that no matter what I do to a zit it does whatever it wants to do. I think when people say they put some toothpaste on it and wake up the next day and it’s gone maybe those people didn’t have a real zit, maybe they just had some mystery bump. If there was a way to get rid of a zit I figure you wouldn’t see photos of Britney Spears or Cameron Diaz or Rene Zelwiger with 200 zits since they surely have access to top of the line zit zapping technology.

Actually, toothpaste works. Back in the day when I used to get pimples, that’s what I’d put on 'em before bed. By the next morning it was a lot smaller and less noticable. YMMV.

Tea Tree oil is good for any skin infection - it’s anti-bacterial and slightly drying, which can make a huge difference overnight.

Tea Tree oil can be *very *drying and way too harsh for sensitive acne-prone skin. It can cause redness and peeling of the skin if used neat. I know, everyone uses it anyway. I much prefer lavender essential oil. Blue Chamomile is also wonderful, if expensive.

Yeah, there actually comes a point where I quit trying to kill it. If it insists on being with me, I quit medicating and just put on some nice soothing lotion. If nothing else, makeup goes on better than if I turn the damn thing into a scabrous peeling mess.

Me? I just pop them. I don’t get them regularly, so if I get one, I just squeeze that sucka until it pops like the telecom bubble. Viola, no more zit.

Getting rid of zits calls for a string quartet? :wink:

Raw bacon? :eek:

The stuff in the Neutrogenia that leaves the burn mark on your skin is probably the salicylic acid - it burns my skin too.

I usually just use a clay mask designed for oily skin - I put a nice thick coat on the zit and sleep with it on - it’s usually gone the next day - however, I generally get the sort of smallish, mamby-pamby zit type - on the occasion when I’ve gotten a really massive, cystic type stress zit, clay masks don’t do dick. That kind you just have to wait out I think.

Salicylic acid, like you find in Clean and Clear’s Spot Treatment (I think that’s the name, it has a purple cap). Makes it heal more quickly and is the only stuff that has never irritated my skin, it’s wonderful.

My dermatologist always told me to not poke, prod or squeeze, cover with toothpaste, or extra clearasil. These things make the pimple angry and it retaliates by leaving you a nice little scar or hanging around longer with extra swollen redness as a bonus. If you absolutely must poke, he said to use a very clean, sharp needle and poke from the side, not like you are spearing a cocktail weenie. Use a bit of tissue to gently press and then leave it alone.

I posted before I saw your answer alice. I wonder if the difference is the amount of salicylic acid?

I think some people are just really sensitive to it. Glycolic acid is similar - works great on most, burns the shit out of some. When I use a product with salicylic acid, it actually burns the skin right off, so when I was my face in the AM (with just water) I’m left with an open, bleeding sore. Personally, I’d rather have a pimple - at least you can cover that with makeup. :slight_smile: