Best Miyazaki Film?

I’m including what I believe to be his full feature films. Let me know if I am missing something that is not a television series.

Only things he has directed are included, by the way.

I voted Spirited Away, mainly because I think it is the best animated movie of all time.

However, I do love My Neighbor Totoro. It has a special place in my heart. I think for little kids, it’s just the perfect movie(though I still love it).

His worst movie?

Porco Rosso

Sadly, that is his next movie, he announced yesterday. He’s making a sequel to Porco Rosso.


I think a complete list of the films that Hayao Miyazaki has directed is:

The Castle of Cagliostro, 1979

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, 1984

Castle in the Sky (also called Laputa), 1986

My Neighbor Totoro, 1988

Kiki’s Delivery Service, 1989

Porco Rosso, 1992

Princess Mononoke, 1997

Spirited Away, 2001

Howl’s Moving Castle, 2004

Ponyo, 2008

It’s hard to pick the best – perhaps Spirited Away.

Although I intellectually realize that Princess Mononoke is the better movie, I love Howl’s Moving Castle and have seen it again and again.

I agree that* Porco Rosso *is the worst.

That list was input before the poll was completed – fortunately, it matches!

I actually like his earlier work better than his more recent films (except for Nausicaa, which is slow and preachy). I rated *Totoro *as #1, but I’d put *Laputa *a close second.

Interestingly, my favorite Studio Ghibli films aren’t Miyazaki’s. I’d put both Whisper of the Heart and Pom Poko ahead of any of the films in the poll. The scene at the end of Pom Poko where the tenuki show the humans what they’ve lost by destroying Tama Hills always brings tears to my eyes.

Pistols at dawn! Porco Rosso was my favorite, although Ponyo is very close. Spirited Away was good, but I thought it lost a little by being so very fantastical. I think Studio Ghibli in general does best when things are slightly magical, but set in the real(ish) world.

I voted for Spirited Away. It captures the essence of magic and growing up perfectly. I consider it Miyazaki’s masterpiece–all his other works are practice for this one. :smiley:

Princess Mononoke is a close second. I recommend it to people who think anime is only shallow kids stuff. It’s great for as starting material for a lot of good philosophical discussions.

There aren’t any Miyazaki movies I don’t like.

I think Howl’s was rather overlooked. It really is an excellent movie. I’d rate it as one of his better movies, too.

I thought about making a Ghibli poll, but stuck with Miyazaki. I just finished Whisper of of the Heart for the 2nd time just now and it really is a great movie. Written by Miyazaki, I think.

The Cat Returns is cute, too.

Spirited Away for me, Kiki’s Delivery Service close behind, *Mononoke *even closer behind that and *Totoro *kinda rear-ending that, with the rest piling up behind *Totoro *in an inseparable group.

My favourite is My Neighbour Totoro. It’s got a real charm and innocence to it that makes me feel like a little kid every time I watch it. I also love Spirited Away, probably more for the visuals than the story.

The worst in my opinion is Naushika of the Valley of the Wind. I still haven’t managed to watch that one all the way through, I just don’t find it interesting. I also find Princess Mononoke pretty boring, although can I appreciate that it is a very well-made film.

Man, it’s far and away Princess Mononoke. The grandest, most epic movie ever. A cartoon that includes moral and political issues, in a nuanced and mature way. The building power of love, the inherent destructiveness of hate, the good and bad sides of tradition and innovation, nature vs culture, huge majestic creatures, beautiful animation.

I think this poll is probably biased, since a lot of western people have seen Spirited away, but few people have seen all of the movies.

Castle of Cagliostro is the worst.

That’s a good point, but I think Dopers will have seen more than you think.

I, at least, have seen every movie in this poll.

I’ve seen all except Castle of Cagliostro, and all of those multiple times except for Ponyo (which I first saw yesterday).

Huh. I’m surprised that Nausicaa gets the short end of the stick here. I rather liked it.

My least favourite was probably Porco Rosso (although I haven’t seen Castle in the Sky or Ponyo).

It was a tough call between Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, but I finally went with the former. I actually enjoy rewatching Howl’s more, I think, but consider Spirited the better movie, if that makes sense. The title still annoys me, but I guess a direct translation seemed too unwieldy for the English-speaking market, and I believe it was consistently mis-translated as well.

I’ve only seen Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, which are generally considered (from what I’ve heard) to be his two best. Of those, I thought that Spirited Away was certainly good, but Mononoke was far better. It had a much more mythic feel to it, and I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t neatly resolved in the end. Plus, too, the fact that the two main warring factions are both basically good, and still can’t easily resolve their differences.

On the Dope? I think more people have seen them on here.

I’ve seen them all, multiple times(except Castle of Castiligo, which I’ve seen once).

Spirited Away is my favorite as a work of art and cinema.

Porco Rosso is my favorite as just something fun to watch.

Pom Poko is my favorite non-Miyazaki Ghibli film because it involves characters singing about their giant magical testicles.

Best: Kiki’s Delivery Service
…This one had the perfect blend of fantasy, historical charm, obligatory steampunk fetish, character, and romance and comedy.

Worst: Castle in the Sky
…Visually good, but no memorable characters and a stale plot.

Disclaimer: I’ve seen all of the movies except Castle of Cagliostro, and also rate Porco Rosso in the top 3 or 4.