Best Monty Python Sketch

Here are twenty Monty Python sketches. Which is the best? Take your time.

I think you have to give the edge to a skit with a song, because it can be enjoyed beyond watching it, in singing the song with friends, in the shower, etc. I still know most of the words to the philosopher song in spite of not having heard it in years.

I never understood why the Dead Parrot sketch was funny.

My favorite is not on the list - it’s the Dirty Vicar Sketch.

Put me down for Spam

Deus ex machina at the wrong end of the skit, a living history lesson a la Holy Grail, a literal breaking of the fourth wall, dialogue that gets more and more simple as the sketch deconstructs, the dirty Hungarian wandering in from another sketch, and a catchy tune with truly memorable lyrics.

I think I’ll go post that link over in the “Bishop negotiates child sex settlement, and then . . .” thread.

For me, the frosting on the cake that is the Argument Clinic is the perfect timing of the infinite ending.

I find the delivery of the rant leading up to “This is an EX parrot!” describing the many and varried ways of a parrot being dead to be hillarious. I wish I could be as verbally rapier like when dealing with my phone company.

Kids, this is what we used to do before there was the SDMB.

A good list. I went with Argument Clinic.

But that’s only because these were not listed:
Upperclass Twit of the Year Contest
Ken Cleanairsystem
Scott of the Sahara
Pirahna Brothers

I love the play on class distinction in “A Man wth Three Buttocks.”

As noted at the gnews link, “Four Yorkshiremen” predates Python. Cleese, Chapman, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Marty Feldman wrote and performed it for the 1967 series At Last the 1948 Show.

The Fish-Slapping Dance.

Looks like “Ministry of Silly Walks” is doing well in the poll. If you liked that, you might get at kick out of the Pakistan/India Border Closing Ceremony at Wagha, Punjab.

Here, Sanjeev Bhaskar makes mention of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Here, the ceremony is observed by none other than Michael Palin, of Python fame.

I wonder how often these felllows kick off their own helmet crests?

I always liked Olympic Hide and Seek, and Dennis Moore, and Bicycle Repairman, but not seeing any of those I went with Cheese Shop, which has me chuckling as I think about it.

Don’t forget the Blackmail sketch. One of my favs.

Also, I love the one where the announcers are battling over control of the microphone. And when the robbers storm the studio and steal Cleese and his newsdesk, then toss it into the Thames.

Gah! There’s just so many!

Hard to choose, indeed. Some I’ve seen so very many times it’s hard to evaluate with a fresh eye. I voted for Spanish Inquisition – it’s what made me absolutely fall in love with Python rather than just like them a lot. But it’s not really a sketch … it runs through the entire episode.

This is an odd list, though. As already mentioned, Four Yorkshiremen is pre-Python. Silly Olympics is from their German episode. Isn’t “How to Contradict People” from some side project? Silly Walks is funny enough and very popular I know, but it doesn’t make my top 20 I don’t think. I really like Fish License and Vocational Guidance Counselor, a LOT. Also the one where John Cleese interviews Graham Chapman for a job and makes him freak out. The entire Michael Ellis episode.

They’re all great, but only one sent me to the ground rolling in uncontrollable laughter. Yes, that’s the “Self Defense” sketch.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t the ONLY one, but it’s the one freshest in my mind, so there!

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Silly Job Interview is totally underrated.