Best Music for the Hard of Hearing

I’m hard of hearing and I have been for years. I wear hearing aids and I have a particular problem with higher frequencies, which is where lots of consonant sounds lie. That means it’s really easy for me to confuse things like “p”, “v”, “b” and it also means that lots and lots of lyrics just sound incomprehensibly “muddy” to me.

As a result, I don’t often listen to music and it really doesn’t play a big part in my life, except for when I’m working. Once I rock up to the laptop and get started for the day, I’ll put the chunky heaphones on, open up Youtube and start listening to “Lo-Fi HipHop”

There are no lyrics to worry about, the beat is relaxing and the entire vibe is very condusive to solid, productive work.

What do you think? Is there anything similar you can recommend?

I’m with you, but though I am semi-hard of hearing, it’s not that. It’s because anything with lyrics will make me pay attention to it ("What did he just say? Wrapped up like a douche?").

I love Lo-Fi HipHop and any “studying music”.

So I’d stick with that. In fact, that’s what my (college) students do, and they can hear fine.

I’ve had high-frequency hearing loss since childhood and compensated for it by turning the treble all the way up and turning the bass all the way down on stereos. That sort of control is a lot less intuitive with modern devices than the good old days when they were labeled knobs. I listen to a lot of surf instrumentals - high treble and no lyrics to decode.