best nail clipper for big toes?

What’s the best nail clipper for big toes? My big toe nails have quite a bit of curvature making it difficult to use standard nail clippers on them.

Glad you asked this! It reminded me that my dad asked me to find some high quality clippers for him. Even with a reward!

Unfortunately for you I don’t have personal experience in this area. But after some consideration I decided on these Klipit nail clippers because they have over 1200 reviews with 89% 5-star and 8% 4-star. And the reviews do mention thick/tough nails and that these go through with ease.

I also chose these because they have a lifetime warranty and a 30-day guarantee. So if my dad doesn’t like them, we will swap them.

I almost bought these Seki Edge toe nail clippers, based on the 1300+ reviews of the fingernail clippers from the same company, and the reviews of this one. This one had more negative reviews than the Klipit but then again there are some reviews singing its praises with regards to thick nails.

Since you just want toe clippers and not a set, maybe Seki is the right one for you. If my dad is unhappy with Klipit, Seki is what we will try next.

I believe I have the Seki Edge fingernail clipper rather than the toenail clipper, but it is more than enough to handle toenails. It would probably cut through a paper clip without too much trouble. It does not include a file if you care about that.

It is a bit chunky to hold so I don’t like it for my fingernails.

Edit: The OP mentions a lot of curvature, so I would think a fingernail clipper would be preferable to a toenail clipper for that reason.

I let the ladies at the nail salon cut my toenails since I found out how lovely the whole pedi experience is (and just FYI my husband goes there to get his done too. He does not get colorful polish however.) Anyway, the ladies there use small clippers and cut the big toe nail in little tiny nips. They get it so smooth that way that it hardly needs any filing to make it smooth. Amazing. So I think the secret is technique as long as the clippers are sharp; shape isn’t very important.

A friend of mine asked me for a suggestion and I jokingly told him to use a dremel.

He thought I was serious, tried and liked it.

I went to a foot doctor a few times when I had a slow-to-heal sore. He used something very similar to the Dremel Moto-tool for my toenails.

The nail place I used to go to would use a Dremel for the thick heel callouses. I realized then that I could do this at home if I want.

I just can’t use the Dremel for home dental work. It says so in the manual.

I recently bought a set of finger and toe nail clippers that I am happy with. Got them on Amazon. Can’t link but they are Klipit brand.

My parents have a little Dremel they use just for toes. I only know this because I visited their house on Christmas and my dad sanded his toes before putting socks and shoes on. Took like 30 seconds and with his motility issues he’s still able to do it himself with the Dremel. Keeps it on a low shelf in the living room - the woodworking Dremel lives in the garage.

Moving to IMHO.

Search EBay for “pen shape Electric Nail File Drill Set”. Get one that’s about $6 - $7 including shipping. It’s what I use.

I have horrible nails due to nail fungus. That little dremel-like kit is fantastic. I’m on my second one in 7 years, but at that price, it’s a bargain.

I use those big kitchen utility scissors with short blades and long handles with Swedish names, that cut through chicken bones. Even right down at the tip, there is great leverage, maneuverability and very sharp. It’s amazing how well they cut toenails, even little piggies.

It’s not optimal but in a pinch a pair of wire cutting pliersmakes a serviceable nail clipper for the tougher toenails.

I use a barrel spring clipper I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet.

That’s my default. I don’t own any traditional clippers, especially since a nice sharp pair of dykes is far easier to use and has a padded pair of handles.

Bonsai tool, concave branch cutter, not cheap but excellent tool.

Neither of these look substantially different from a Trim nail clipper you can buy from most any grocery store for 5 bucks.

OOOH – dikes.

I’m partial to thermite. It takes some finesse though.

Your link is to some eyelash goo.

I get “Seki Edge Toe Nail Clipper”. Does your link switch to ebay or Walmart too?