Best (National) Mexican fast-food chain

Like the fried chicken poll this one is restricted to the big boys, this time meaning only chains with several hundred locations across a large portion of the US and Canada.

I like Qdoba. Frankly I can’t really detect any appreciable difference between their burritos and Chipotles’, but Qdoba gets the edge for having a bigger and more varied menu.

I think the only ones on this list I’ve been to are Qdobas, Taco Bell and Moe’s. And I’ve only been to Moe’s once, so I guess Qdoba wins by default. But it’s hard for me to state enthusiastically that it’s the best Mexican fast food out there. There are a couple local “tell us how to make your burrito” places I like better.

Yeah that’s a problem with making these kinds of polls; because the Dope is nation-wide and international the only way to get any kind of significant data is to only list the biggest ones, who generally produce a consistent but not exceptional product as opposed to the local one-off places or small local chains who in many cases has a superior product but only a handful of Dopers will be able to comment on.

I don’t know most of these. Living in Houston, I rarely need to resort to such measures.

Chipotle is OK in a pinch. There’s no excuse for Taco Bell.

(Made a quick search: Houston does not have all of these restaurants. No Qdoba, for example. So I’ll vote for Taco Cabana–another Regional Chain, as many of these actually are.)

Hmm. I can already see this is going to be a Chipotle vs. Qdoba battle.

We don’t have Taco Cabana in Ohio, as you may not be surprised to learn, but I’ve been there in Houston and thought it wasn’t bad. So they get my imaginary vote, because they’re not listed.

I’m originally from Houston, but I moved away nearly 20 years ago after graduating from college.

Anyway, I thought that Two Pesos was much better than Taco Cabana. Unfortunately for Two Pesos, though, they were sued by Taco Cabana for copyright infringement, and lost in the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead of changing the restaurant concept, Two Pesos sold out to Taco Cabana, with a dramatic (IMHO) drop in quality.

I went to a Taco Cabana last year (which actually used to be a Two Pesos years ago), and thought it was absolutely awful.

My personal favorite restaurant in Houston is Cafe Adobe (which is a sit-down restaurant, not fast-food). I actually introduced my extended family to the place over 20 years ago, and it’s my family’s favorite place, too. They’ve expanded to several locations in Houston since. When I go to Houston to visit family, we usually drive there directly from the airport. :wink:

As for fast-food, my family took me to a new place (for me, anyway) last year. I’m pretty sure it was the Goode Company Taqueria on Kirby. It was pretty good, I thought.

The only two places on the list that I’ve seen are Chipotle and Taco Bell. I actually like Taco Bell but Chipotle makes a much higher quality product so they get my vote.

I’m really warming up to Moe’s over Chipotle (which wins over Qdoba). I love their salsa bar, and they have way more ingredients to choose from than any of the others.

Best (National) Mexican fast-food chain is an oxymoron…

I’d go for either Chipotle or Qdoba if I was in a “only chain restaurants around” kind of situation, but living in a big city there’s absolutely no reason to go for either of them.

If we’re talking about the current burrito places I guess I prefer Chipotle. The chipotle + cilantro flavors give it something different. Qdoba is rather bland. Pancheros is even more bland. Baja Fresh is not bad. I used to really like a chain called Salsaritas but they have all closed up around here.

Houston has no shortage of good Mexican/Tex-Mex food. The original Cafe Adobe near Shepherd & Westheimer is definitely on my list. Their avocado, stuffed with cheese (plus meat or shrimp), then breaded & fried, is a real killer. Plus their giant margaritas…

The Goode Company Tacqueria is only one of the Goode Co. restaurants–which include fine barbecue & seafood places.

Now I’m hungry.

I voted for Baja Fresh because they have good fish tacos.

Mad Mex isn’t national? They sure should be. Great food, decent beer selection, friendly servers.

I live in the Fort Worth, Texas area and I’ve never even heard of most of those. Of course, we have plenty of really good local Mexican restaurants.

I do know Chipotle and Taco Bell, but I can’t bring myself to vote for either one.

These are some of the local (Texas/Oklahoma/Southwest) chains:

Taco Cabana (pretty good, usually)
Taco Casa
Taco Bueno

I voted for Taco Bell for one reason: For all of the others, there’s a local taqueria I’d rather go to, but when you have a craving for Taco Bell, only Taco Bell will do.

It’s the same reason that when you get a craving for McDonald’s, an objectively better pub burger or other, higher quality fast food-style burger just doesn’t fit the bill. Must have something to do with tastes you grew up with as a child.

I voted Chipotle, but I was hovering over the Baja Fresh button for a while.

Hmm. I just discovered Baja Fresh and Baja Sol are not the same place.