Best (National) Mexican fast-food chain

Frankly, I think the same rule applies to Mexican restaurants as it does to pizza places: The quality of the food is inversely proportional to the number of restaurants in the chain.

While my initial reaction is to agree with you, upon further contemplation I know tons of one-off and local pizza chains that are horrifyingly bad. You would think that pizza is such a simple thing to make that it’s impossible to fuck up but believe you me, apparently it’s very easy to make shitty pizza and yet somehow have a thriving business. Come by DC sometime and I’ll take you to a Jerry’s Subs & Pizza (“I’ll have mine with extra grease!” “Sir, they all come that way.”) or Jumbo Slice (a MEGA slice of shitty pizza).

I basically like Chipotle and Moe’s the same. Moe’s has more variety, but Chipotle has better quality. Since my friends greatly prefer Chipotle, we usually end up going there.

I’ve only been to Chipotle a couple of times–because when they first open, they mail out coupons for free burritos. They’re okay.

I voted for Baja Fresh because I like their fish tacos.

I had no idea that Taco Time still existed, they all closed a couple decades ago in the town I grew up in and I’ve not seen on since.

So I’ve only ever eaten at four of them (heard of six).

Technically I suppose Chipotle is best but I find their food boring and their groupies annoying. Really like Del Taco’s chicken soft tacos but am not keen on much else there. Same with Taco Bell where a chicken quesadilla with sour cream added is my personal version of crack. Only been to Taco Del Mar once and don’t remember anything about it.

So I’ll say Taco Bell by default since I at least know I’ll be able to find one if I want one.

Agreed. In fact, even though there’s a great cheap taco place a whole two blocks from my place, this topic makes me want to head out in rush hour traffic just to get a Volcano burrito from Taco Bell.

Taco Time is still going strong here in the West, and it is my favorite as far as fast-food “Mexican” places go.

I also like Del Taco, though like the other places on the list, no one is going to mistake it for authentic Mexican cuisine, which is OK. For what they are, they do a good job when the mood strikes…

I remember when the first Baja Fresh opened in Westlake Village. Long drive, but always worth it.

For cheap Tex-Mex, Del Taco beat Taco Bell (obviously) but they’re getting harder to locate. Taco Bell does okay in a pinch, though.

I like Taco Bell when I want Taco Bell. When I want Mexican I don’t go to any chain restaurants.

I have only eaten at Taco Bell and I really do not like them at all … so I can’t really vote for anybody =(

We have this little local place called Jalisco’s in Glastonbury CT that is excellent … it sort of spoils us for anywhere else.

you left out Taco Bueno? They are in almost every state.

I stopped visiting Taco Bell almost 10 years ago. That’ when Taco Bueno opened.

I’m not familiar with the other places in the poll.

Wikipedia says Taco Bueno is only in 8 states: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana, and it sounds like it’s mostly in Texas and Oklahoma.

ETA: Just for fun, I looked up my nearest Taco Bueno. Only 408 miles away!

Taco bell is a thing of it’s own. In the right context, that is a beautiful thing.

Am I the only one completely unimpressed with Chipotle? Maybe it’s the snobby exiled Californian in me, but I find Chipole to be really bland and kind of gross. The meat taste kind of fake to me- almost like vegetarian meat substitute. Nothing is spicy at all. The cheese is gross (steamed tortillas need steamed cheese as well!). I hate rice in my burritos- who eats rice with bread?

Oh, I miss California so much.

Hey! I agree! Where were you in the other thread where I was compelled to explain this for several posts on end?

That said, of the bunch mentioned here, I actually voted for Chipotle as the best of the bunch, although I’ve never been to a Qdoba.

Beautiful? Well…if you mean it’s analogous to drinking at a pub until closing time, everyone else has gone home, and that ugly chick at the end of the bar is actually looking pretty hot right now…yeah, I can see how that word applies. :cool:

My East Coast friend keeps asking me to send her an In-and-Out Burger via email – as soon as technology makes it possible, I’ll do it.

Never been to Chipolte, but based on what I’ve heard, I’m :confused: as to why it’s doing so well in this poll.