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  3. The name, the SCREAMING and the wording of your post smell like a troll.

Now then, to respond to the question you so eloquently asked:

WENDY’S has the best food overall, IMHO. The spicy chicken sandwich is excellent. I also like their breadsticks at $0.50 a pop.

MCDONALDS offers wonderful french fries.

WHITE CASTLE is a taste I acquired and love, though I don’t have one near me at this time.

ARBY’S is the place for roast beef. A Big Montana with that nuclear cheese sauce. Yum.

BURGER KING is enjoyable for burgers. The Whopper kills any other fast food dead cow. And their big-ass chicken sandwhich is also tasty.

HARDEES is average for everything, excels at nothing, and makes me yawn.

TACO BELL is bland. For just a couple bucks more, get some real Mexican cuisine.

PIZZA HUT, DOMINOS and any other fast food pizza joint are abominations unto God, serving “pizza” with a taste and consistance of limp cock. I’ll pass.

Yer pal,

Oh shit, here we go again. Which by the way is exactly what happens after eating at Taco Bell.

Turn off the caps, change your screen name, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Correct-a-mundo Satan. This should be in the MPSIMS.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

Taco bell? Please, get some real mexican food. Thats an abomination and insult to real mexican cooking. Another reason to love California, theres a taqueria in almost every town, and the food is as cheap or even cheaper than Taco Bell. A local roadside taqueria serves jumbo burritos for just $5.00 Can’t even finish the whole thing in one sitting. It’s lunch and dinner.

For other stuff:

Mac Donalds has the best fries.

Burger King has good burgers and their whopper is cheap and filling

For Chinese, a few restaurants here have lunch buffets with the food already set out so it’s sort of like fast food.

KFC is good (i dont care, I like it)

I also like fast food pizza (Round table garden veggie pizza is good). But nothing beats authentic stuff. Never had NYC style pizza but every big city claims their pizza is the best (Chicago does the same). I like the tradidtional simple pizzas - simple rounds of pizza dough, with a simple tomato sauce, slices of mozzarella, a few basil leaves or sun dried tomatoes :).
Oh i noticed my local grocery store was selling the packaged frozen White Castle burgers

“Oa tu beral haonar kelo, tu faikal gehayun”

My choices:

Taco Bell: Sometimes I go for pseudo-Mexican food.

McDonald’s: The best fries. QPC is their best burger and there’s nothing like the double cheese for that grease craving.

BK: I hate their fries. Had the “great new fries” once and they were crunchy for God’s sake. Plus the one by me has atrocious service and never gets the order right.

Wendy’s: First choice. It’s not much farther from me than BK, better prices, better food, better service. Only problem is a guy I worked with in HS works there.

Hardee’s: Mushroom swiss burger. That’s about it.

Arby’s: That does not taste like roast beef to me. I like real roast beef. Their chicken sandwiches are decent.

Pizza Hut, Dominoes, et al: If it’s remotely related to pizza, I’ll eat it. Not Little Caesar’s, though, unless I’m near starvation.

Contestant #3, do you have any objections to kicking this asshole off the board, or are you going to bitch about this one too?

Okay FHD, here is 2 or 3 for you. For cheap greasy mexican food there’s Taco Cabana. I do sometimes do Taco Bell because it’s cheap. But in Texas, like California, you can go to a cheap taqueria and get better food. For burger joints there’s Whataburger. A little better than MacDonalds or burger king, almost as cheap. There are better local burger places. I give credit for unlimited self-serv ketchup.

I forgot to add: For simple good burgers, everyone here loves “In And Out Burgers” Not a big menu but they use fresh ingredients and actually grill their burgers. Pretty good but i would have to drive 30 minutes to get there.

Hey Satan, how do you know what…awww, forget it. I know its the BBQ pit but I’ll leave this one alone :slight_smile:

I love Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich; and I think Wendy’s fries are the best, next to those curly fries from Arby’s.

I love that spicy chicken at Popeye’s; and their potatoes and cajun gravy…mmmmm mmmm.

I reserve Taco Bell for those days when I need to atone for something. Pancho’s Mexican Buffet is great for this also (Def. of a Pancho’s experience: when you find yourself sitting on the toilet with a bucket in your hands because you don’t know what end you’re gonna be using first. )

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

C’mon, guys, a troll does an OP in the pit so you can flame him on site instead of in a new thread, and you’re bitching? Some people you just can’t please! :wink:

Me, I think it depends far more on the individual “store” than people usually give credit. I’ve had excellent coffee at McDonald’s. I’ve also had a substance they claimed was coffee, but was the sort of thing that gives toxic sludge its good name. :smiley:

A Hardee’s in Northern Virginia appears to be the Confederacy’s last stand. We had New York tags then, and the f**d (In this case, the word deserves censoring!) was intended to give cardiac arrest to the pre-schooler in the car, much less the rest of us.

One can get good fast-food pizza, but unless starvation intervenes, it is not advised to conduct a thorough survey for it; it’s very rare.

I would have to say Long John Silvers.The one by me just went out of business :(,but their chicken planksgood you’ll walk the plank!) were yummy,especially the million tiny coating balls ;). There used to be a place called Beef Corrall.They had the Best cheeseburgers…

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In So. CA, In & Out burgers are the best. And the fries are made from real potatoes and the shakes from real ice cream – wonderful.

In No. CA, I like Carls Jr. The fries there are merely average, though.

Everywhere else – Wendys. Good burgers, but lousy fries. MCDonalds CAN make fries. Sometimes, if I have a little extra time and the two shops are close enough, I’ll drive through and get a Wendys burger and then drive through McD’s for the fries. Still, I’d rather skip the fries altogether than eat a McD’s burger.

My husband is not a huge fast food person. He likes what he calls “point-point” places. They have them all over San Diego – small cafeteria-style Asian restaurants where you point to what you what @ .99 an entree. Most of these don't even have real names -- just neon signs out front that say ".99 Chinese!"


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Hey orangecakes…remember when Long John Silver’s sold extra batter with the entree? Now THAT’S good eatin’.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Big Kahuna Burger

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Yeah, I miss our Long John Silver’s. It went out of business too. They had some good food and those crumbly things were good to snack on. My arteries, probably, breathed a sigh of relief when that place closed down.

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Taco Bell is the best

Burger King is best for burgers

KFC is best for Chicken
Popeyes is good but too high priced

Browns Chicken

Satan,someone beat me to take joke…I hate it when McDonalds doesn’t quite finish the fries and they are white and limp like…like…oh forget it :smiley:

CoolDude: Where in Texas do you live?

I used to like Whataburger. For fast food they blow any other burger out of the running. Taco Cabana is ok for cheap Mexican food. It is infinitely better than Taco Bell (I don’t know how anyone eats that horrid crap.) Even now that I live on the East coast and don’t have access to good Mexican food :frowning: I refuse to eat it. I am glad I learned how to make all my favorite meals before I left.

McDonald’s only has good french fries.
Burger King sucks.
Wendy’s sucks.
Hardee’s sucks.
Arby’s is tolerable.
Friendly’s has good ice cream otherwise it sucks.
The only good thing about the big chain pizza stores is the breadsticks and then only at Little Ceaser’s. Even they aren’t great.
White Castle sucks (you really need to acquire that taste).
You can’t get decent Chinese food outside of any of the Chinatowns across the US, they tend to be cheaper than fast food anyway.
KFC is alright. They have good chicken strips.
Popeye’s has better biscuits.
Long John Silver’s is just the spawn from the darkest pits of Hell and even that gives its revolting flavor too much credit.
Hot Dog on a Stick has good lemonade, everything else sucks.

Now that all the negativity is gone, the Miami Grill is probably the best fast food restaurant that I have been to. It has a large menu, is reasonably priced, and everything is just above average.

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Without question - Edos Japan.

The chicken rice bowl with LOTS of hot pepper sauce. My favorite! I just ran to the food court at the mall and am eating one this very moment.

My mouth is burning, but damn it is good!

Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.