Best Nickname for a Sports Venue.

I am biased as all get out,but I will start with the University of Michigan’s Big House.

(and to hell with the horseshoe)

San Jose’s team plays in “The Shark Tank.”

LSU’s football stadium, Death Valley.

It’s gone now, but I fondly recall the University of Missouri’s Wareen E. Hearnes Arena, aka The Hernia.

The best was the Astrodome when the Oilers played there: the House of Pain. Forbes Field, once the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was called the House of Thrills, which I think is second best. The Big House? That’s so pedestrian and uninspiring.

Like I said, biased, just put that out there to get the thread going.I like all the examples better than mine so far.

The Friendly Confines.

The Jungle.

The Yomiuri Giants play baseball in the Big Egg.

The World’s Most Famous Arena

This is the correct answer.

Ottawa would have had a nice claim had “The Palladium” stuck.

Edit: Arrowhead Pond, played on by the Ducks, was (is?) another good one.

The old Pittsburgh Civic Arena was called “The Igloo”, which was pretty cool, pun intended. :slight_smile:

The Western Australian Cricket Association Ground is usually known as the WACA, pronounced like “wacka.”

The Brisbane Cricket Ground is known as “The Gabba,” after the Brisbane suburb of Woolloongabba, where it is located.

The Octagon of Doom aka Bramlage Coliseum

Dog Pound, technically an area in the stadium for overzealous Browns fans, but aren’t they all.

Deaf Valley or Death Valley?

Before the 2000 Olympics, they were hosting test events at the Sydney Olympic Stadium to make sure that they could get people in and out and that big parts of the arena weren’t going to fall off onto anyone that mattered.

One of the first events there was a rugby league State of Origin game, in a season which - for no apparent reason - they were trying to play up the historical ‘importance’ of the series.

Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson christened the three-month-old stadium “the Grand Old Girl of Australian Sport” - a name that’s stuck.

This is what I came in to say.

Go Sharks!

Maybe not among the best nicknames, but I get misty-eyed thinking about the Old Barn, known prosaically as the St Louis Arena. Watching Hull score seemingly at will and Chase pummel men into submission there was all a boy could ask for.

Lambeau Field: The Frozen Tundra.