Best Nightwish singer?

Nightwish has gradually become one of my favorite bands. I say gradually because I was a fan of theirs in a passive way over the past 8-9 years, but have really grown to respect them and appreciate their music more as they(and I) have evolved.

This is, indeed, a band who has had two singer changes. They rose to fame with Tarja Turunen, who I was not that big a fan of. In fact, I felt for years she was the primary flaw with the band. Totally operatic and incorrect for the band.

Well, she left or was fired and the band replaced her with Anette Olzon, who was vastly superior to Turunen and even made me enjoy older songs that she sang in concert.

I was very disappointed when Olzon was fired, but when Floor Jansen joined, it was hard to be upset for too long. She is clearly a massively talented singer and has come to be my favorite thing in the band.

This version of Ghost Love Score is one of my favorite live performances ever filmed. It’s amazing.

Anyone else like this band? If so, what singer do you like the most?

Still prefer Tarja. There’s something too…mannered about Floor, and she’s left me cold so far, even tho said video (linked in another thread last week) showcased her in good stead.