Best of the Beatles: Beatles for Sale

It’s time to move on from A Hard Day’s Night (where the title song is currently leading in the previous poll) to the next Beatles’s album - Beatles for Sale. All cover songs are marked with an asterisk.
Beatles for Sale was only released in the US in 1987 - instead, Beatles '65 was sold in its place. This isn’t one of their most famous albums by a long shot, but it still has its importance - John Lennon came under the influence of one Bob Dylan while touring in the US, and songs of a more autobiographical nature first appear on this record.
Fun fact: the seeds for the song “Eight Days a Week” were planted when Paul McCartney asked his chauffeur how he was, and the chauffeur replied that he was “working hard eight days a week.”

Anyhow, enough talking - let’s vote!

My favorite song on the album is one I first learned about from Yes- in their early days, they did an extended psychedelic cover of “Every Little Thing.”

The shorter, simpler Beatle version was much better.

I was a Beatles '65 baby, so I should have picked “I’ll Follow the Sun,” but I had to go with the wonderful, exuberant “Eight Days a Week,” even though for me that’s a Red Album number. Brings back memories of my third-grade crush.

Now that I finally own For Sale, I must mention that I was happy to get to know a few new (for me) tunes, particularly Paul’s “What You’re Doing.”

I have (on vinyl) “Beatles '65” and therefore have actually never heard some of the songs on “Beatles for Sale.”

Songs I’ve never heard:

Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!*
Words of Love*
Every Little Thing
I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party
What You’re Doing

I’ll vote tonight after I check out these tunes on Youtube.

Until I bought the For Sale CD a year ago, I’d only heard “Every Little Thing” as the previously mentioned Yes cover!

ETA: Much like astorian.

Obviously you guys didn’t have Beatles VI.

Lucky you! Every Little Thing is a nice song, and the drum solo at the beginning of What You’re Doing rocks. Words of Love is also a really good cover - you can tell they really tried to sound like Buddy Holly.

There are a couple on there I’m unfamiliar with too.

Yeah, in the Ringo appreciation thread I wondered if it inspired Charlie Watts to try something similar in My Obsession two years later-- or also Complicated, from the same Stones album.

This is the first one where I changed my vote from the last go-round (from “Every Little Thing” to “Eight Days a Week”). But I want to put in a good word for the much-reviled “Mr. Moonlight,” widely considered to be one of the worst things the Beatles recorded. The harmony vocals and the organ solo may be corny as hell, but Lennon just tears it up with his solo vocal parts.

Biffy, I guess you have a point. (I still skip that track, though.) It’s another example of how they brought their A-game even to the cruddy stuff…reminds me of how, way back in one of their first recording sessions, they gamely put in an effort for the cover of “How Do You Do It,” mainly to please George Martin. To his credit, George soon realized that “Love Me Do” was better in all respects.

“Eight Days a Week” is the obvious choice.

No Reply is the best song on the album, although I’ve always liked Every Little Thing almost as much.

Edit: I’m in the minority when it comes to Eight Days A Week. That song has always left me cold. Different strokes and all that.

I voted with the crowd on this one. Eight Days A Week. About as perfect as a pop song comes.

I really do love this album a lot and think it’s the strongest since PPM that mixes covers with original material. I had to throw my vote behind “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party” because of that oh-so-simple but fantastic chorus. John really nails the vocals, though most of the songs here are terrific.

I’m with you. I despise it.

Although I love The Beatles (almost too tame a way to put it) and can talk about them endlessly, I haven’t participated in these threads because I disagree with the premise of them — it is impossible to pick one “best” song from their albums…and furthermore, it’s unnecessary. I don’t believe in “contests” in music (or any art form), and I see no point in pitting greatness against greatness in an effort to find some sort of winner.

Nevertheless, I had to peek into this thread because Beatles for Sale contains a Beatles song I dearly love that never seems to get much notice. And I’m chuffed to see that some posters have mentioned “Every Little Thing” favorably.

I’ve loved this song ever since the days of Beatles VI. There’s something about the overall sound of it (12-string, but a different sounding one than on any others Beatles track, leading some to conclude that it’s played by John rather than George) that just moves me.

“Every Little Thing” is most unusual in that, by all accounts, it’s primarily a Paul composition, but he and John sing the verses in unison, and John’s voice is much higher in the mix. Thus, there’s a sincerity to it that somehow goes beyond the typical boy-girl songs of the earlier Beatles era, and despite what we know, I still can’t help thinking of it as more of a John song.

Anyway, carry on! Thanks to those who’ve posted about it.

Easily the worst of The Beatles’ canonical albums. Only one track, “Eight Days a Week”, is up to their usual standards, and even that is far being among their best work. “I’ll Follow the Sun” and “Everybody’s Trying to be My Baby” are pleasant but uninspired. The rest is “by the numbers” covers, or original songs that should have been junked.

Interesting tidbit about that one is John and Paul switching places during the song. In the verses (“I don’t want to spoil the party so I’ll go…”) John sings the higher “Paul” part, Paul takes the lower “John” part; in the chorus (or whatever it’s called-- “Though tonight she’s made me sad…”) they switch to their more customary positions.

I agree, but see these exercises as more of an opinion poll to see what other people like. On this message board, at least.

Amen. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

I believe this was the last album where they covered other people’s songs. I guess here in the US, B4S made up most of Beatles 65 and Beatles VI, plus some singles and EPs. Lennon went serious for the first time with “I’m A Loser”. They were really busy touring at this time and I guess didn’t have much time to write new stuff.