What's the best song off of "Beatles For Sale"?

Previous polls (still active): Please Please Me, With the Beatles, and A Hard Day’s Night.

There can be only one–which would you choose?

This is a toughie (do I say that each time? Probably…), but not in the same way Hard Day’s Night was. With HDN it was like, every other song was amazing. Here it’s mostly a battle between four enjoyable songs, a few good originals, and so-so covers (with two exceptions).

I’m having a hard time deciding between No Reply, I’ll Follow the Sun and What You’re Doing. I really like John’s somewhat paranoid POV in No Reply, particularly in the middle section that’s filled with dramatic tension and excellent harmonizing. I’ll Follow the Sun is another McCartney jewel (and I never realized what a forerunner it is of Here Comes the Sun), merging bitter with sweet, sorrow with hope with the simple grace McCartney does better than almost anyone. And then there’s What You’re Doing, with its unusual drum solo intro, clever internal rhyming, and heartfelt vocals. (Fourth favorite is probably Eight Days a Week–classic Beatles enthusiasm that just serves to make you happy as hell.)

Of the covers, my favorite (predictably, considering I’m such an unabashed Paul fangirl) is Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey. This album seems to feature him expanding his skill as a vocalist, thanks to John’s encouragement apparently, and he finally lets his pipes free here. The only other cover I really enjoy here is Mr. Moonlight, which I believe is an unpopular choice according to the critics. I say, fuck 'em. First, John’s vocals are hot as hell, and second, it’s just a fun song to sing along with. And the organ is a hoot.

Still haven’t picked my favorite. Hmm. Since it has no votes, I might need to throw my love to What You’re Doing. Except that I hate to vote against Follow. Oy, what to do, what to do…

I love their version of Rock and Roll Music, I love Eight Days a Week, I love I’m a Loser…I’m giving it to I’ll Follow the Sun, by a hair. Tough one.

It was between I’m A Loser and What You’re Doing for me - went with the former for no real reason. Not a great album, IMO.

I voted for “Baby’s in Black” because it’s the one I like to play, although I’ll admit iTunes gives the higher play count to “I’ll Follow the Sun.”

The best song on Beatles '65 is “I Feel Fine,” which would have been the best song on this record if it wasn’t just a single in the UK.

John’s a capella intro of Mr. Moonlight is one of my favorite intros of any song ever. Gives me goosebumps.

Anyway, I need to think about this one a bit. This album is harder for me than the others. I can narrow it down to two: No Reply, for the harmony, and Rock and Roll Music, for John’s pure exuberance, but it is a tough choice for me to make.

Rock and Roll Music. By an atom.

And thanks, ArchiveGuy, for doing these polls!

I ultimately voted for “Eight Days a Week” because it’s one of the best songs ever written/performed/recorded by humans, but “I’ll Follow the Sun” and “I’m a Loser” are also rans of the highest quality.

This could have went any of three directions for me: No Reply, I’m a Loser & Eight Days a Week (really don’t care much for any Beatles covers).

So, after a full two minutes of mulling it over, I went for Eight Days a Week. A perfect pop song.

No Reply

Haven’t seen the results yet but it’s a 3-way tie for me right now between “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party” (w/that soaring chorus), “I’ll Follow the Sun” and probably my favorite of all their covers, “Words of Love”. Hmmm, must think about it a little more.

And you’re welcome, Lilacs. :slight_smile:

‘I’ll Follow The Sun’ is a clear stand out for me here, but of course every song is great.

My parents must not have had this album, because I don’t know most of the songs on it. At least by name, anyway. I guess I’ll sit this one out because “Eight Days A Week” is the only one I know for sure, and I never really liked that song.

Too many people vote for the hits ::grumble grumble:: :smiley:

It’s a terrific album overall–you should just work your way through the songs on YouTube (would prob take 35 min. tops).

There’s a reason they are hits.

“Eight Days a Week” is the clear standout.

I think this album has an awkward sound to it, with Lennon and McCartney in the midst of transitioning to the more sophisticated arrangements of the Beatles’ middle period. Some of the songs have weird structures that don’t quite work, such as “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party” and “No Reply”. And the general quality of the original songs is not up to usual standards, perhaps because they were slightly burnt out from their insane schedule by then (extensive international touring and promotion, two albums of mostly original material, several other recording sessions, and a feature film, all in one year!)

So, one of their weaker albums IMO. My only favourites on it are “I’ll Follow the Sun” and “Rock and Roll Music”, and I’ll vote for the latter because of the great vocal. Second only to “Twist and Shout” among Beatles covers.

I really wanted to vote for Lennon-McCartney composition, but ultimately went with with Rock and Roll Music. It was already a good song, but I think they made it perfect. I’ll Follow the Sun and Eight Days a Week were close second choice.

I love so many songs on this album! I went with I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party. Nice country-style guitar, really cool harmony throughout, great Lennon words and tune. The way I finally picked this one: I asked myself the question “which of these songs would you like to hear right now?”.

I voted for “I’ll Follow The Sun,” though “Eight Days a Week” and “Honey Don’t” are also up there.

(No other love for “Honey Don’t” yet? Meh! :))

Tough choice, as usual, but the influence of the wonderful cover version on the first Yes album pushes “Every Little Thing” over the top for me.

I was very sorely tempted to vote for “Mr. Moonlight” because I knew no one else would. Really a very underrated performance. Lennon’s opening “MIST-AHHH-ah-ah-ah Moo-oon-liiiight”–a sort of scream and diminuendo–is one of his most awesome vocal moments ever. And the cornball organ solo is so funny