Best of the Rest of the Top 40: 1966

The year is now 1966. In the #1 polls, this year was the peak of psychedelia, and the Top 40, though less so, is certainly a grab bag. This is one of the first years with a really significant number of #1 eliminations - I had to go all the way to #10 to find a song that wasn’t a #1, and all the way to #50 to get the 25 songs for this poll.

What’s your favorite?

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You’ve got the wrong song name for The Outsiders’ song; it’s Time Won’t Let Me.

I went with California Dreamin’. Even though it’s overplayed on oldies stations, it remains a great song from a good album and was iconic to the hippie era. I will note with pride that I saw Sam The Sham live at the armory in Anchorage when I was in high school.

You’re right. How did I miss that? I was looking directly at my list while typing out the poll options.

There were a number of songs back then with “time” in the title or lyrics. There was one where the band members would shout TIME! and there was some clock-like syncopation on the cowbell going in the background. It was a solid rock tune and I can’t remember the artist or the name of the tune for the life of me.

Chambers Brothers, Time Has Come Today

It was a toss up between the Mamas and Papas and Bob Lind, but I went for Bob Lind because it was one of the first great lyrically psychedelic songs. The music was very beautiful too.

I despise “California Dreamin’.”

I went to the other coast (Boston) and picked the Standells’ “Dirty Water.” Great riff (loved it since I was about six years old), nasty vocals, captures a '66 vibe that was sort of a Stateside version of the Yardbirds thing going on across the pond.

Had to pick that one too. There are quite a few here that i hope someone votes for.

Mitch Ryder. That’s one hell of a committed performance.

“Sunny” by Bobby Hebb.

I went with Bus Stop. It’s a wonderful song.

I voted for “Walk Away Renee,” one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. Other contenders were “California Dreamin’” and “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted,” but they weren’t quite highly-rated enough in the world-famous Ponch8 Music Rating System to win my vote.

“Sweet Pea” is dead-ass last. What a horrible record that was.
I’m a year late, but some of these songs remind me of this 1965-style cover of “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger.

So much awesomeness in 1966.

Like Leaffan, I went with Bus Stop although it’s not going to win the popular vote. It has a lovely, nostalgic feel to it (for me). Just a sweet and intimate song that evokes a time and place when people actually used the bus and formed relationships doing that very mundane thing.

I can easily vote for either Lovin Spoonful or Outsiders, but I will give them all a listen tonight in case there is one I like better.

It actually reminds me of an early McCartney song. I’m not musically inclined, so I can’t explain exactly why.


Runners up: Dusty; Standells

The Temptations almost got it, but “California Dreamin’” is such a perfect song it had to get my vote.

I might not vote for that one. It always reminds me of the bathroom stall graffiti, “…Came to shit, but only farted.”

That’s it! HEY!

It’s the Outsiders for me.