Best online purchase servuce I eveer got, battery dept.

I’ve ordered a lot of stuff online and by phone over the years with results ranging from good to horrific. I’ve tried a few times with good results.

They surpassed themselves on a recent order I placed for a phone battery. I ordered it on 1/30 and it arrived today, 2/1, by USPS. Considering it was free shipping too, this is outstanding, and quite a surprise.


Now if you could only get such good service from a spell checker for your thread titles.

I just came in here to see if the typos were related to the OP. I guess not.

Geoff, glad you got good service. It’s nice to know it still happens sometimes and that people actually notice.

Standard answer: I did that on purpose just to get people to read the thread. :smiley:

And evidently, it worked. . . at least for me. :stuck_out_tongue: