Best part of surgery=Vicodin

I had knee surgery yesterday, to repair a torn meniscus from the Great Bike Crack Up of 2010.

Vicodin is awesome. It is delicious. I have sat here for eight hours now enjoying a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon.

Vicodin makes me have wonderful dreams. I dreamt that Patrick Stewart was reading me the New York Times. I dreamt that I had a magical dolphin that could fly. It had a saddle, you know, to make flying easier. I dreamt I was as small as a frog and lived on a lily pad. I dreamt I was driving with Judge Judy and chain-smoking Malboro Lights.

I would highly recommend this prescription drug.

Not trying to freak you out or anything but I’ve noticed most people respond negatively or at least ambivalent towards opiates the first time/s they take it. The people that say wow flat fucking amazing or I feel normal finally end up using them a lot.

Its pretty logical right?

Yeah I don’t think you’re going to get through to him while he’s still high.

Anyway, I love the hell out of opiates but, as with most people who love opiates, I would imagine, I would never go buy them on the street or anything. Once the doctor says it’s over, I’m sad for a minute, but it’s over.

Oh, I’ve used Percocet before. I just kind of enjoy it. Given my family history of addiction, I don’t use the stuff if I don’t have to. I’m 39 and this is the fourth time I’ve had a script for the ‘hard’ stuff.

The first time I used Vicodin (for an ear infection that got complicated), it felt great. Like a giant hug.

The times after that (eye surgery and gallstones, specifically), it did not feel great. It made me feel sluggish, tired, and sweaty. And in those cases, it only made the pain tolerable; it didn’t take the pain away completely.

I would not take it for the eye surgery again. I would take it again for a bad gallbladder attack, but that’s because feeling like I’m getting over a week with the flu is preferable to feeling like my insides are stabbed and about to burst.

Point is, I had a great reaction the first time, and shitty reactions the rest of the time. So the first reaction doesn’t always mean you’re at risk of abusing it.

The night I had my first kidney stone attack I couldn’t have any painkillers until whatever the awful abdominal pain I had was diagnosed.
Finally I got Demerol, right into the arm from the IV I was hooked up to.

Pain? What pain? I don’t have any pain, I’m just floating here about an inch off the bed.

I wouldn’t want to be addicted to any drug like that, but it felt so good to have relief.

Dilaudid, love it. LOVE it. It just makes all the worry go bye-bye. Pain? What pain? I’ve never felt pain in my life, have I?

Morphine, ahhh…pain gone. No loopiness, but pain gone, such a relief.

Demerol/Stadol, nothin but sleepy time. The pain is all still there, but now I’m sleepy *and *in pain. Thanks for nothin’.

Vicodin, bleargh. Makes me feel pukey and gives me a headache and does nothing for the pain. Rather have ibuprofen, thanks.

(Never had any of 'em outside of the hospital, though.)

Weird how reactions differ, isn’t it?

I was given a scrip for Vicodin when I broke my wrist. I took it soon after getting home, and noted that although it did still feel like it hurt, I didn’t really care so much any longer that I’d broken my dominant hand’s wrist.

20 minutes later, suddenly I felt nausea rise in my throat (but not stomach), then threw up.

I made sure to take it on a full stomach for the next dose. The only difference was that I had a significant amount of food to puke up that time.

I took a dose before bed a couple nights in a row, since I usually fall asleep quickly. I didn’t puke, but I did start getting stressed about falling asleep fast enough.

Totally not worth it for me.

They gave me Stadol when I was in labor the first time, with the effect that I still had excruciating pain but could no longer articulate it. It seemed more like a painkiller for the people around me than for me, so I’ll say no thanks to that one, too.

Percocet and Vicodin, though? Yes, please! I’ve seen the lives of addicts, even those who are addicted to nice white-collar legal prescription drugs, so I’m not really tempted to abuse them, but when I need them, I’m not shy about taking (and, when the pain lets up, enjoying) them.

Fuck yeah. I schedule myself for unnecessary surgeries just to get some.

Kidney stones, broken leg 2x, crushed calcaneous (heel bone) last year… That was (and still is) the worst of them all.

I’m just fine with Percocet. No adverse reactions, no serious euphoria, decent painkilling properties. About the worst side effect is mild constipation aka: rabbit pellets.

I have been on it fairly long term now, and I am now working my way off. It’s not easy to do (and at the levels I was taking them before (x2, 4-6 times a day), stopping use is a gradual process, that’s for sure.

But it can be done. Done it before.

Vicodan sparingly works great for me. More than maybe 3 tabs in a week it seems to lose effectiveness quickly.
Best medical ‘high’ I ever had was getting two pre-op injections before my first eye surgery, Vistaril in one hip, Demerol in the other. Vistaril, it was explained to me, potentiates the Demerol.
Sure did. My terror over the possible outcome of the surgery was vanished, poof, I felt great!

I’ve had Demerol twice and I’m scared to have it a third time. All of the pain and worry goes away with Demerol, and I’m left just being happy.

I have a big bottle of hydrocodone 10 MG tablets. I use them only as needed, because while they do give pain relief, and sometimes I get a little happy with them, the constipation afterwards is horrid.

I am pretty good with pain so I just double or triple up on the recommended dosage and enjoy the fun for a couple days. If I have to work then I just save them for the weekend.

If your username is any indication, I can hazard a guess as to why…:smiley:

I’ve had quite a bit of dental work lately and the dentist always prescribes hydrocodone for pain. I’ve told him that all codeine medicines I’ve tried make me urp, but he still prescribes it, so I have to decide whether the pain is bad enough to risk the nausea.

I was given Vicodin after my C-section and I hated it. Besides the whole gets-into-breastmilk issue, it made me feel draggy and queasy and didn’t do a stellar job with the pain. After a couple of days I realized that ibuprofen was far superior for the job. I don’t intend to take any Vicodin at all in the future, if I can help it.

Thus far, every opioid I’ve been dosed with has done Bad Things to me. The exact effects vary, but they are always unpleasant–nausea, sleeplessness, paranoia, hideous nightmares if I actually manage to sleep, and any number of weirder things. On top of that, none of them seem to provide much pain reduction; at most, they distance it a bit. I’ll stick with ibuprofen if at all possible.

Used it after my surgery. One tablet was just enough to take the edge of the pain off, but I never got any hallucinations or anything like that. But once, when I was in a bad way, I took two. I was in so much pain that to not feel pain for a few hours, enough time to get to sleep, felt sooooo fucking good. After that, I could understand how people could easily get addicted to the stuff.

The regular opioids that one might get at the pharmacy do very little for me in terms of pain, and they make me itch madly. Codeine is full-on rash and percocet is so itchy that I have to take it with benadryl. No particular pain relief, but the combo at least knocks me out for a couple of hours.

Fortunately, the hospital-grade, post-op stuff does work, otherwise having surgery would be a terrifying prospect.