Best Party Idea EVER! "Surprised by a bum"

So I was out looking around for theme party ideas, and I found this ahem “gem” at

I can’t believe I’ve lived my whooooole life without such wild-n-crazy fun.
(Sorry, it’s long)

Party Idea:
“Surprised by a Bum”

What you need to do is tell all your neighbors about
this before doing it. A few weeks before a 30th
birthday party you have one of your female friends
dress up as a bum. She will be kinda be looking in
your neighbors garbage on garbage day. Make sure you
say honey look at that, that lady is looking in the
neighbors garbage. Your friend does not have to touch
it. This should go on for 2 wks. On the 3 week you
will plan to have this persons birthday outside (maybe
in the garage w/ garage door open) make sure to have
neighbors put garbage out even if it is not garbage
day… then you will be having your b-day party and
then say oh my honey there is that garbage bum again…
make sure to have at least chips and pop out in the
open. Then have your friend(the garbage bum) walk up
to you and ask you for some food in a descised voice.
You will say sure go ahead. Your significant other
will be looking at you funny, it will be funny. Make
sure to tell all that is coming so it will really be
funny to see the birthday persons reaction. then the
lady will go walk down the drive as if she is going to
leave but she will turn around and decide to hang out.
You make sure to tell Your friend( the bum) to ask the
b-day boys friends for a dollar or two. If no one will
give up any then you announce okay guys lets give this
poor old lady a buck or two huh. then go collect. Once
you get the $$$ then have your “bum friend” go behind
the b-day boy (make sure the b-day boy is sitting down
in a chair) and she will kiss him on the check. He
will probably then say get the hell out of here. then
she will take off the disguise and everyone will have
a good laugh… we did it, it was the funniest thing I
ever saw. Even my grandmother was bent over laughing…
Only do this if the b-day person does not have an
immediate temper. Good Luck and lots of laughs. p.s.
then give the $ collected to the b-day person

Good way to get your friend arrested, most of the places I’ve lived. Simpler just to have your friend show up as a masked stripper and give the birthday boy a lap dance.


Who’re you calling ‘scruffy looking’?