Celebrating Friend's 30th Birthday - Suggestions?

It’s on a Wednesday night and she’ll have to work the next day, but can probably coast a bit ;).

I think I can round up a gaggle of friends and a noisy restaurant. But I wanted to add a special touch or two - girlfriend only turns 30 once!

The pickle is we live in a small town & there’s no raunchy candygram - stripper gram - male revue club around here.

Black balloons and flowers are an option, but not all that “festive”. Pulling off a surprise is pretty doable. Just want to do something WITH the surprise. Looking for something clever…

I’ve never been a big fan of the “I’m thirty, I’m old” mindset - it makes no sense. Years ago, a friend of mine cried when she turned 30 - apparently being married to a great guy and having 2 really sweet kids wasn’t enough for her. :rolleyes: Just the other day, a coworker was whining about being “old” because she was almost 30. Gee, I’m 56 and I don’t consider myself to be old. Grouchy, sure, but not old! :smiley:

So why not just have some fun. Make up a list of “Top Thirty Factoids about <Birthday Girl>” or “Thirty things to do before you’re 40.” When my husband turned 30, I asked that anyone who wanted to bring him a gift tie it in with the 30 theme. So he got 30 Hershey kisses, a yardstick cut off at 30 inches, a bouquet of 30 balloons, silly things like that. Parties should be fun, not insulting.

On my friend’s 29th birthday we all got together and went to play “zombie putt putt” which is just indoor putt putt at this place that is all black lights and glow-in-the-dark animatronics.

For his 30th he threw a party. For my 30th I had my 2 closest friends take me to a baseball game. I also went to a concert at a small club, which is something I never do anymore. For our friend’s 30th in California, a bunch of us got together to Skype Video with him. Nothing too last-minutey, I’m afraid.

But something totally silly and kid-like, such as the putt-putt, is a fun way to spend your 30th I think.