Best Pazz & Jop Critics Poll Album 1993

Not a bad year - a good mix of genres, and a number of great albums. I wish yo La Tengo and Stereolab had made the top 15, and I think the Tribe Called Quest album was a more worthy candidate for the top 15 than P.M. Dawn, but these are minor quibbles. I’m going to go with PJ Harvey this year, with Bettie Serveert and Nirvana next in line.

I’ll join in the adulation of Rid of Me, with Last Splash right behind.

There may be some subconscious homerism going on, but both the Smashing Pumpkins album and the Liz Phair are among my most-played records (I’d guess they’re both in my top 5), but I’ll give Smashing Pumpkins the nod here, with Ms. Phair very close behind, but they’re such different albums that it’s not really fair of me to rank one ahead of the other.

I’d vote for Billy Joel’s River of Dreams if it was on the list.

Came down to Digable Planets vs. Nirvana. Went with the Planets. (Love me some jazz-aware hip hop.)

I voted for PJ Harvey last time, so that breaks my tie - Breeders it is.

I have to give Jimmy Dale Gilmore some love on this one. “Spinning Around the Sun” is an excellent album.

I like several of these, but no mood for an under dog such as the Breeders or Digable Planets. Decided to vote for a big name, already done with Nirvana and may do the Smashing Pumpkins in the subsequent polls, so Pearl Jam got my vote.

Voted Nirvana, but the top three are perfect.

I almost voted Nirvana, but the fact that a) I like this album as much as or more than I do In Utero, and b) I loathe both Stephen Malkmus and all hipsters, and that I will take any chance I get to wave both of my protruded middle fingers in the general direction of either, well … I chose Siamese Dream. Seriously, “Mayonaise” is one of the best rock songs ever recorded, full stop.