best place for free online crossword puzzles

I’m looking for an online source for free crossword puzzles that would be at the level of the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle.

Any suggestions?

If you specifically want Sunday-sized puzzles that are similar in quality and difficulty level to the NYT Sunday Crossword, the weekly crosswords from the Philadelphia Inquirer (by Merl Reagle), the Boston Globe (by Henry Hook or Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon), and the Wall Street Journal (edited by Mike Shenk) are all available online, and all good.

If you’re also open to smaller, “daily-sized” crosswords, try the Onion AV Club crossword, Jonesin’ Crosswords, Ink Well crosswords, the Chronicle of Higher Education crossword, and Brendan Emmett Quigley’s thrice-weekly crosswords posted to his “Can I Have a Word With You” blog—all freely available online, all good.

Links to all of the crosswords I’ve mentioned, and a few others, can be found here. All of the above mentioned crosswords are available in Across Lite format, which means you can solve them on your computer on- or off-line or print them out and solve them on paper; some are available in other formats as well.

Maybe not fitting your criteria, but The Guardian has probably the best cryptic crosswords of any UK newspaper.

Not sure how the New York Times webpage works, but I paid the $9.99 for the iPhone app and enjoyed it. After my subscription expired, I realized I would no longer have access to the new daily puzzles, but I was furious when I found out that I was ALSO locked out of the puzzles I had paid for and had in progress. I wouldn’t give NYT money again.

Not sure what happened to my original reply to this thread, but

Thudlow Boink, thanks for the great link. Exactly what I was looking for!

mascaroni, not what I was looking for, but a great link… I can see me spending some time at that site, so I appreciate it!

Cyberhwk, thanks for relaying your story re: NYT. I was thinking of paying for the subscription primarily for access to their puzzles, but your experience didn’t exactly make me jump to do it. Nothing like a bad customer service experience to change your mind. And the links provided by the first two folks that replied sufficiently meet my needs.