Best place for sinus/nose surgery on west coast?

I’ve had a couple of ENT’s now look at my nose and they both agree I should get my turbines reduced, deviated septum straightened and maybe drill some holes in my sinuses.

It’s looking like a pretty complex procedure so I want the very best doctor and one of the very best medical centers that specializes in the stuff to do in. Not my local ENT who only does 20 of these surgeries a year…

I’m guess Stanford would be the premier place to have it done? Anyone know of good clinics that specialize in this kind of surgery?

While you’re looking for factual answers, I’m afraid we’re gonna get opinions here. Maybe well-informed opinions, but opinions nevertheless. I’m sure someone nose the answer over there.

So, let’s move this over to IMHO from GQ.

samclem GQ moderator

Send me an email and I’ll give you the name of a fantastic Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in San Jose who corrected my deviated septum and sinus problems a couple of years back. He was highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.