Made you click! I wonder how many man hours I wasted by posting this message… Not to mention how I’m helping the blackouts across California…

This little town in Central California hasn’t blacked out, it was 90 degrees today, I ran my A/C all day and just Doped around…and I clicked because I chose to click.

Well, you got me!

I actually did click because I wanted to see the best post ever.

Advertising apparently works really well on me. :wink:

Well whaddaya know, I’m a sucker.

Actually, I thought this was the thread where we nominate which post was the “Best Post Ever”… I, of course, was about to nominate a couple posts by myself (I’m an egocentric ass, I am).

I was driving up I-135 in Kansas when I saw it. I could tell what it was a mile away. I took exit 86, drove through Smolan and there, at the intersection of 2 roads just west of Smolan, there it was. The best post ever. It was made out of this real nice wood. It was prefectly semetrical. I took a picture of the post by itself. My dad took one of me and the post. It was hard, but not too hard. The grasses around it grew just right. It reflected just the perfect amount of sunlight. Yes, I would have to nominate it as the best post ever.

::Ice Wolf stalks over, air-slaps Brother Rat, and then stalks off, muttering, “Wish I’d thoughta that!”::

giggle, giggle, snort
I almost did a second one about mailing a letter in England or some such place.

Don’t make me come back over there, you!

**brother rat[/]… :smiley: :smiley:

Could you post one of those pictures?

I feel so used…:frowning:

I suppose I could. Or I could send them to you by post but the thing I’m really worried about is that olfway individual might go postal on me.