Best product for powerline ethernet adapter? XBOX 360 related.

Sorry if the title of this OP looks weird, I’m not used to this terminology (even though I work in this industry).

I have my friend’s xbox 360 while he’s overseas on assignment. My big tv is in my basement and is my preferred area to do gaming. My (wireless) router is upstairs in my den and I don’t have the wireless adapter. My friend suggested buying a powerline ethernet adapter. I did not realize that there are so many to choose from. Which one is the best bang for the buck? We have these cisco multi-hub routers at work, but they’re like $3k. I’m sure I don’t need something like that.

Is it worth it to just buy the wireless router (adapter?) for the xbox?

I also saw something about hooking up my laptop to my xbox and let that act as the wireless router. My company is also supremely concerned about security issues, so I’m not too inclined to use my lap top in such a way (though I’ve never heard of a lawyer being targeted for corporate piracy – we just must be too good at covering it up :)).

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

An article you might find interesting:

I didn’t know why I didn’t check Gizmodo sooner. So, now I have to hunt down a xbox wireless adapter, and not the crappy 360 one. Thanks for the link.