Wireless Router Help!

Not sure if this should to in GQ or in CS.

We just bought an XBOX 360 a couple of weeks ago and my hubby wants to set it up on XBOX Live.

I want to get a wireless router but I have no idea how these things work.

Our computer is in a room on the second floor and the XBOX is in the living room on the first floor.

Will a wireless router work? What is the range? Can we get a booster to put on the landing on the stairs?


It looks like you’ll have to get a wireless networking adapter for the XBox. Here is a review of Microsoft’s networking adapter made for the 360, it seems to be pretty positive. Also, there’s a segment about how to set it up. In the review they indicate they were able to use the adapter in the basement when the router was located up on the second floor. You may not need any sort of a repeater to use it.

You’ll need one of these for the XBox, in addition to the wireless router for the computer. Unless your house is really huge, this router should have sufficient range fro your needs. There are always interference issues with other wireless devices such as telephones, security systems or garage door openers, but they can usually be addressed by changing the frequency of the router. If you have connectivity problems because of some uniques structure issues with the house, you could use a range expander, but that is probably unlikely.