Best PSA series ever

The American Heart Association and other organizations have put out a seriesof commercialson heart attacks that are brilliant. They’ve come up with a way for people to remember the cadence involved in chest compressions for CPR.

To drive home the point of 100 compressions a minute it is done to the the Bee Gees tune of… Stayin Alive. Such beauty in it’s clever simplicity. Will anybody ever forget this once viewed?

It’s been a few years now.
The first one features an Adam Savage look-alike.

More to the point-Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust uses the same cadence and is more accurate. :smiley:

The Staying Alive thing has been taught for a long time. Which is pretty perfect.

I think the dumb ways to die PSA is way more fun, but less important.

Vintage PSA’s are awesome. The best ones are more whacked out than any David Lynch movie. I have watched a bunch of them with my kids and my favorites are.

One Got Fat - it is about bicycle safety for riders that like to wear monkey masks for some unstated reason.

However, that pales in comparison to the British short film and PSA, The Finishing Line. It is one of the darkest movies I have ever seen in any category and highly recommended. The British in general made some killer (no pun intended) PSA’s but The Finishing Line is the best of the genre IMHO.

Donald Pleasance voiced a British PSA about the dangers of water: “The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water”.

British PSAs tend to be really harsh, indeed.

Here you have it:

My favorite is the Time For Timer series.