Best quick way to sell a car

I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra that I need to sell…quick.

It is in decent shape with a few dinks, but a quite functional vehicle. I do not drive anymore asnd need the $$ for xmas. I have little time to answer phones and entertain buyers but I could set aside a day or two if needed.

I am willing to take a big hit off of bluebook as it needs some minor work.

what are your experiences…what do you feel would be quickest?

Thanks in advance.

The last two cars I sold were by “For Sale” signs, and parked in front of the house. Both sold to nearby residents with little hassle. Both times I wanted to try that before going to the trouble and expense of advertising. Just an idea.

Do you have a CarMax near you? That would be fastest, I think.

Do these guys give you a decent buyout for your car? I’ve got an 09 Malibu LTZ I’m trying to sell so it’s late model but I won’t take like $10k for it or anything that low but will take 4-5k below KBB.

Any experience with these guys?

Either park it somewhere legal with a for sale sign where it will get lots of exposure, or sell it on craigslist.

If you price it right (and don’t live in a part of the country where many people refuse to buy a foreign-badged car) you may well sell it in a day or two. I sold a crapped-out minivan about that same vintage within two hours of putting it on craigslist, for the full, although low, asking price.

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My understanding is that they very quickly give a take it or leave it offer. So at the worst, they don’t waste your time.

My wife and I have taken cars to them to be priced before buying new cars. They tended to offer a bit more than what a dealership will initially offer as a trade-in price, but not much more than what you can negotiate a trade-in up to.

I sold two cars in under an hour both times using Craig’s List. They were fairly priced, but both were under $1,000. When the value goes up it takes a lot longer for folks to decide and come up with the cash.

If you need money fast you could wholesale it to a dealer at a huge loss. Remember though that you would be selling wholesale and you can’t expect a retail price that way.

Post notices on billboards in hardware or groceries where they allow such. Sign in the window might get a call. Advertise at work, church or other group as appropriate. Put the word out with all you know. Hope for the best.

I think the key is to fairly price the piece and don’t have any emotional attachment. Something is only worth what a willing buyer will pay.

You need the money for Christmas. Someone else needs transportation. Good Luck.

Tell everyone you know with a teenager you have a car for sale. The parents or the kids might be in the market for an additional vehicle.

Which, from experience, is about 3x what a dealer will offer in cash value. True story: a dealer offered me $200 for a running Mazda 626, that I sold for $1000 in private sale in under 24 hours by listing it in the newspaper in a college town. Well, he did offer me $700, if I wanted to trade it in…? (hell no).

I assume the OP needs to sell a car in order to have the money, not in order to trade in for a new car. Trade ins don’t usually need to happen “fast.” Don’t try to sell a used car at a dealer for cash value. It’s like saying, “please, rob me.”

No kidding. A dealership offered me $1000 for a car with a KBB value of around $5300 (which I understand is slightly inflated). I was able to get $3800 for it in a private sale.