Best school cancellation notice ever!

Schools up & down the East Coast were closed today due to the massive winter storm. Most kids found out school was closed by:[ul]
[li]listening to school closing #s on the radio[/li][li]watching the scrolling ticker on TV[/li][li]getting an email / text[/li][li]logging on to school website[/ul][/li]Yet one school in NC got their closure notice via this awesome (or awful?) video

I kind of love this. I want to go to their school. Oh, not if it means going through adolescence again, obviously.

That was a lot better than it ought to have been.

True. When you consider how pathetic Vanilla Ice is, you’d think two high school administrators doing a parody version would be terrible. But somehow doing a parody of a bad song turns out to be good.

Awesome! I thought I would ever wish I could go to school again.

Why is it flipped left-to-right?

Yes, it’s better than it ought to be.

It would be worth making up the day come Spring to get that kind of announcement. Of course, in SoCal they would have to do it to “Fire” by either the Pointer Sisters or Arthur Brown. :smiley:

That was great! Thanks for sharing it.

WAG: It’s something a lot of people do when uploading content that is or may be copyrighted to YouTube. I don’t know if it still works, but it used to confound their auto-comparison software crawler, that went about comparing your video to stuff that had already been complained about. Pitch-shifting worked for audio for a while, but I think they’ve sorted it out.

That video is surprisingly awesome. I’m too old for school, but I was scheduled to go into one of my freelance gigs that day. Boss Lady emailed me the night before and gave me the option of not going out into Snowpocalypse: Boston Edition. I told her I’d log onto Google Talk and save both of us the fuss of finding real pants just to get some work done.

Web cams often have flip-mode on as default, so when you’re watching or seeing yourself, it looks like when you’re looking into a mirror. Otherwise, when you lean left, you’ll see your screen image lean right, which can be disorientating.

I don’t know him personally, but the headmaster of that school (seated in video) used to be the headmaster of TASIS in Switzerland (where I worked for several years long before he worked there).

Just thought that was quite the coincidence when I recognized the name.

another vote for awesome!