Best Shopping Cart Plug-In for WordPress?

Hi kids,

I have a potential job creating a website for a local company. They want a CMS so I’ll be building it in WordPress. But they also want a fully functioning shopping cart.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good (and hopefully freeware) shopping cart plug-in for WordPress?

How much CMS do you need? Just the ability to update some pages and maybe add a page every so often?

You might be looking backwards - might want to get a good cart software that has some of the CMS capabilities you need. You want the shopping and product management experience to be the best it can be, with the ability to update pages as an afterthought.

We use NOP Commerce but that’s because it’s .NET and we’re a .NET shop. So probably not ideal for someone who’s looking to do WordPress (I assume you’re trying to concentrate on PHP).

But that’d be my advice…look for a cart software that you like that has some CMS. Not a CMS with optional cart plugins.

No, I’m a .NET shop myself. Tell me more about NOP Commerce.

Here you go:

I’ve built 2 sites with it. Have hacked up the front end pretty good but the admin is all original for both. Some improvements have been made since the version I’m using.

It’s plenty easy to create editable content for your clients using the Topics feature. They can also edit the products and categories.

Lots of good help in their forums if you run into any roadblocks.

I agree with the ZipperJJ, a pretty good package, I also use it!