Best sight gags. . . EVA!

I remember a Laverne and Shirley scene in which they were hung on hooks against a wall and could not get off. First they tried to run and then tried to jump. I do not remember the rest of the show because my 12 year old brain was vapor locked in hysterical mode after witnessing this. Of course, this thread, if it gets responses, will be so much better if the gags can actually be sighted. Alas, my poor search skills could not find this particular scene on line.
Luckily there are many clips of the very best sight gag of TV and film and any other medium-- See if you can beat Carol Burnett’s Went With The Wind dress gag. (it’s the whole hilarious skit, the gag is in about 13:11)

Gene Wilder casually cleaning the fingernails of a corpse as he tries to brush off the cop.

Where does this happen, please. A clip if you can find one. Thanks!

here’s the granddaddy of them all


IIRC, she just saw the dress in the window and had to have it. That skit and Tim Conway’s Siamese elephants story are the skits I remember as a kid.

A top contender has to be the classic Mirror Scene from Duck Soup, performed by Groucho & Harpo Marx.

I believe that scene was in Silver Streak.


This was from Young Frankenstein. He and Igor have just had a little grave robbery and are taking the material medica back to the Lab.

Tim Conway: The dentist’s office.

The Carol Burnett show still makes me laugh. My favorite parts are when the actors are doing their best not to laugh.

My favorite from the 80s… Balki and Larry on skis. Here’s a crummy clip of it:

Laurel and Hardy The Piano Movers hard to pick a particular part from that but that’s probably my fav. Of course Charlie Chaplin doing ‘something’.
Personally I want to do the Keaton house gag. I want a set up, probably at DisneyWorld/MGM when you go and stand on a spot and the flat falls and you get to video it.

Blazing Saddles:
The, ah, Native American’s headress with the curious lettering on it - Hebrew, it seems.
The sherrif and Gene Wilder trying to infiltrate the bad guys by disguising themselves as Ku Klux Klansmen - only to have Cleavon Little’s black wrist show up at an awkward moment.

L.A. Story:
A group of friends agree to meet for lunch at a place called something like “Liddyoes” -but as the scene shows later, the name of the french restaurant is really “L’ Idiots”.
Later, Steve Martin and his girlfriend agree to run away to a coastal resort that we find is called “El Pollo Del Mar”.

Silent film sight gags are the best. One of my favorites is in Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last, the flick famous for the skyscraper climb. Harold and his roommate hear a knock on the door. It’s the landlady come to collect the rent, which they don’t have. Quickly they put on their long overcoats, hang their collars on hooks and retract their legs. She walk in, looks around, and leaves. They climb out of their coats and Harold sits down at the only chair to write a letter. When he gets up to get something his buddy takes the chair. Harold reaches behind and raps on the wall. His buddy jumps up and hangs himself up again and Harold resumes writing his letter.
Well, trust me, it’s funnier than how I describe it :slight_smile:

I saw this in real life, so it’s not really a sight gag, but it seemed like something straight out of Benny Hill.

Busy city sidewalk around midday. Some workers wearing hard hats and Day-Glo vests are doing some kind of repair or construction. One of them, with his back to me, is squatting in front of another who’s holding a sledge hammer. This guy takes a mighty swing and brings the hammer right down onto the squatting guy’s head!!! I was just passing by and not paying much attention but it stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned to have a closer look and, to my horror, he let loose with another hammer blow, and then another, right on the head of this squatting guy who didn’t so much as flinch. Compelled to get a look at the squatter’s face, I approached to one side, and that’s when I saw that he was holding a three-foot spike that they were driving into the ground. In just a few seconds (seemed much longer), I went from horrified to dumbfounded to amused to embarrassed.

In film, Jacques Tati had some great ones, like the two windows of a house that look like prying eyes because of the silhouettes of nosy people looking out on someone.

Wait…so the scene in I Love Lucy is a tribute to this? I never knew…:smack:

My favourite scene from that episode was after the avalanche and they open the door.

Good one!