Best sitcom ever (revised)

Let’s try this again…I was tempted to take out MASH because it’s more of a drama/comedy mix vs just straight sitcom, but anyway…

Hunnert per’cent! My vote! Wooo-hoooo!

The OP still seems to think that sitcoms are only made in the US, even though one on the list is based on a British sitcom.

Feel free to ask the mods to change the title to “best American sitcom” :rolleyes:

And speaking of British sitcoms, the only reason I didn’t vote for The Young Ones is because it wasn’t on the list, and I doubted my ability to list it under “other”. But way to go Archie and Meathead, still a 2 to 1 margin!!

I Love Lucy

No Bob Newhart Show?

The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Still Dick van Dyke, even though you added *Seinfeld *this time.

Fawlty Towers is still the Platonic ideal of a sitcom. Arrested Development is still the best American sitcom ever. Seinfeld is still overrated.

Plppbt! That’s not a sitcom; it’s a miniseries. It’s easy to keep the quality up if you only do half a dozen episodes once or twice. A real sitcom keeps you tuning in week after week after week. :stuck_out_tongue:

MASH started out as a pure sitcom written by sitcom writers and included a laugh track. It wasn’t until the later seasons when major cast members left and the comedy was long gone did it turn into any sort of a drama. I remember reading years ago that MASH was good until Alan Alda turned into a woman.

Didn’t like 15 people and their mothers mention “Arrested Development” in the last thread, and you still didn’t add it?

Thanks for putting up Seinfeld though. It gets my vote.

HIMYM is approaching Seinfeldian-level greatness in my opinion, though.

Or… you might have written the title differently and not rolled eyes at a poster. I clicked on the thread title to see whether Father Ted and Early Doors were in the poll. Sadly not. I hoped they might be in a ‘best ever’ list but while not surprised they aren’t; I am surprised at the US-centric idea of ‘best ever sitcom’. Jeez, The IT Crowd is better than half that list!
I voted ‘other’.


Andy Griffith Show. Seriously, what is South Park even doing on the list?


Sorry, wrong. MASH had a serious side to it from day one, and in fact Alda wouldn’t have done the show otherwise…and wisely so. Sitcoms in terms of the characters/etc can be funny, but war and death are not, and thank goodness they made that distinction. A ground-breaking show and one of the best overall shows ever on TV IMO. That said, I agree that in its latter years the quality went down and it did at times get too “preachy” and self-righteous.

PS whoever made that last comment probably enjoys crushing beer cans on their head and thinks anyone who disagrees with them is a “commie” or “homo” :rolleyes:

I disagree with the other suggestions of shows that should have made the list, including some I thought were very good (eg Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke). Frankly I disagree with half the shows on the list as well, for that matter. Such a list obviously could be debated all day long…

Frankly I would be OK with taking South Park off that list as well, but despite it’s seedy, in-the-sewer mentality, it did a lot of great satire, and if you can hang with the low-brow approach, was IMO very funny.

As for Arrested Development, I don’t care how many people here mention it, I can’t believe anyone would give it serious consideration for “best ever” frankly. I’m betting they haven’t watched or given many of the other shows here much of a chance.

Then why the laugh track? It was used throughout the episode and wasn’t until later seasons that it was removed in the operating room scenes. It was a sitcom.

My vote hasn’t changed.

Other: 1. Fawlty Towers; 2. Surgical Spirit


Best American sitcom: WKRP in Cincinatti
Best Sitcom: Fawlty Towers